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This has got to be one of my favorite shots taken this year. Despite the rain thousands of the Christian faith stood firm their ground yesterday at Sibu Town Square prior to the commencement of the yearly Christmas procession round town. The power of prayer certainly works as the downpour subsided shortly after the walk started.

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Never miss a great candid moment – I couldn’t resist to covertly snap this cute and feisty girl when covering an event at her school last week.

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IMG_6869 abby roseline
Since young, people have mistaken my niece Abby to be my daughter because she “resembles” my wife. Do they really look alike? Hmm…

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Today I woke up to one of the haziest morning ever.

The dry spell since Chinese New Year has evidently sprouted bush fires around the Baram area. In recent years this problem has gone from bad to worse. Sigh.

2010.03.02 008
6:30 am – I took this shot from my balcony.

2010.03.02 013
6:45 am – I was sending my son to work, heading towards town.

2010.03.02 058
When we reached Imperial Mall, it was before 7:00 am. Fortunately the haze in town was not as bad. The tall building with the tower crane in the pic is Bintang Mega Mall.

2010.03.02 065
Heading towards home I could see the light from the east.

2010.03.02 056
It was bright but still hazy by the time I arrived home at 7:15 am.

What a story to post as I celebrate the first anniversary of this blog today!

Thanks so much for dropping by for the past twelve months. Your comments and compliments are always welcome and appreciated.

Thanks tons also to Jan Shim and Dr. Roland Lim for without their prompting, I wouldn’t have experienced the wonderful blog platform of WordPress!

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I love spontaneity and ‘capturing the emotions’ shots. In the three-shot series above I asked my sons to give their cousin a kiss on her cheeks. As they were about to do so, the priceless expressions were captured within a few seconds.

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IMG_6680 color
My lovely niece Abby graduated with a double major (Accounts and Finance) from Curtin Perth last year. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Logistics, Abby took time off and flew back to join her family in Sibu for the CNY. Far or near, this is a distinguished Chinese culture whereby family members will try their best effort to gather for the utmost important CNY’s eve dinner.

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IMG_7084 Hand in hand
Yesterday I dropped by to snap some pics of the 4th Miri Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade Chinese New Year activity at SJK (C) Chung Hua Pujut. This shot was taken when the girls and boys were holding hands in a circle formation getting ready to play a game.

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