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If Dell says their customer service is #2, I think no company would want to claim to be #1.

Now why would I say that?

I purchased a Dell Vostro 1400 Laptop in April last year. Recently I noticed the battery life has shortened to under one hour, even after being fully charged. What to do? Called Dell toll free 1800 881306 for help last Wed,( Mar 11). After a few simple questions from the enthusiastic lady on duty over the phone, I received a replacement battery the following day, at 3:30pm. Not only that – on Wed night I received a call from Dell Logistics KL reminding me that I would receive the new battery on the following day before 3:00pm. At 3:15pm (the day I received) someone from Dell called and asked whether the battery had been delivered. Wah, so fussy but I liked it! The quality control is really stringent; they even monitor their courier contractors on time sheet! No joke.

Well, the story does not end here.

After receiving the new battery, I called Dell again to inquire about my keyboard. Why would the cursor would strangely be at the wrong place sometimes when typing, I asked? Run a diagnostic test with the cd in the box, I was instructed. I did and gave them the result – OFOO:065D IDE device failed.

Called them again. Without any further fuss, I received the replacement keyboard yesterday. Dell’s contract technician in Miri came to my office and cleared everything within 30 mins.

I took this pic with my Point-and-Shoot Olympus FE-280 compact camera as the technician was replacing the keyboard on site.

2009.03.14 004

There is something wrong with your hard disk, the technician said after running some tests with the newly replaced keyboard. And your power adapter cable should be replaced because of the internal wire is exposed.

What to do again, after hearing all these trouble-shooting statements?

Call Dell of course!

The Dell representative talked to the technician. And then she told me to expect the new hard disk and a new power adapter cable on next Tue (Mar 17).

But you need to back up your files yourself because our warranty does not cover that, she reminded cheekily. Haha, good people skills!

What can I say, Dell, your service is second to none!

If you are a lazy person like me who likes doorstep service, then Dell could be your answer! :p

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What a pity my Singapore trip is not timed around March 12 – 15. Sigh. Covering five floors of 330,000 sq. feet with more than 800 exhibitors (like Canon, :p), I’m sure there’ll be plenty of good bargains offered. Happy shopping if you’re going!

Click here for the official website.

Click here for shopping tips.

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