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I love the casual wear.

The dynamic duo Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong continued to dazzle those attended the MPOA dinner!


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Here’s another installment of the ballroom dance pics shot during the MPOA dinner last Sat.

The duo representing Malaysia Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong performed the difficult sport like taking an afternoon walk in the park, haha!

Zjen Fong and Evon, you both are awesome!






2010.01.23 387

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It’s a great honour to be invited to photograph the Public Bank Sarawak Northern Region dinner held at a leading hotel in Miri last Sat.

I like the theme “Glitz and Glamour Nite” where all the staff were dressed up to the nines.

Wow! is the only word I can describe the culture of Public Bank where the people really work and play hard too!

What can I say – thanks for letting me be a part of your fantastic evening, :p.

Here are some of my fav pics. Enjoy!

2009.12.05 186 blog

2009.12.05 363 blog

2009.12.05 116 blog

2009.12.05 487 blog

2009.12.05 502 blog

2009.12.05 495 blog

2009.12.05 653

2009.12.05 570

2009.12.05 631 blog

2009.12.05 655 blog

2009.12.05 538 blog

2009.12.05 479 blog

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Seems like Australia is blessed with creative talents; first the Earth Hour 2007 idea and they also have Natalie Tyler Tran, the funniest girl I know in this universe.

I’ve just discovered the hilarious celebrity videographer a few days ago and I just can’t stop laughing watching her vids. I don’t know of anyone who has more subscriptions than her YouTube channel (200,000+)!

Like the old saying goes – laughter is the best medicine! So if you’re feeling a bit down and need someone to cheer you up – you know where to go, 🙂

This is one of my fav – Please say “yes” or “no”.

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