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May 1, 6:45 am – My wife (with cap) with my church member waiting for the event to begin. Upon registration of RM10 per participant, a free eco-bag was given and RM10 coupon for purchases at the food booths. The early birds were given a free tee each (either green or white) but we were too late to get any.

Leading the 5000 participants was my church member. A professional aerobics instructor, Jennifer also owns and operates her studio. She has rendered her free aerobics performances to Miri City on many occasions – so proud of her!

I like this pic of the VVIPs enjoying themselves thoroughly!

The crowd followed the exercise regime enthusiastically. Never before have I seen so many people in one location doing aerobics – wow!

I climbed onto a mobile ladder to take this shot.

Everyone was enjoying the healthy exercise.

No direct sunlight could deter them from staying away!

Jennifer in the background.

Aerobics at its best here!

Roseline, Jennifer and Anthea.

I was surprised that the radio chinese channel iFM 89.9 deejays (L-R green tees Lobak, Maggie Kiu and PK) are celebrities and have a huge following in Miri!

Record setting bead-woven Jalur Gemilang – congrats!

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IMG_0357 aerobics
Miri boleh and certainly five thousand people boleh as they joined this fantastic aerobics team for a 30-minute exercise on May 1 morning as part of the festivity marking Miri as the first city in Malaysia to encourage people to totally go green everyday (no plastic bags while shopping).

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Today I woke up to one of the haziest morning ever.

The dry spell since Chinese New Year has evidently sprouted bush fires around the Baram area. In recent years this problem has gone from bad to worse. Sigh.

2010.03.02 008
6:30 am – I took this shot from my balcony.

2010.03.02 013
6:45 am – I was sending my son to work, heading towards town.

2010.03.02 058
When we reached Imperial Mall, it was before 7:00 am. Fortunately the haze in town was not as bad. The tall building with the tower crane in the pic is Bintang Mega Mall.

2010.03.02 065
Heading towards home I could see the light from the east.

2010.03.02 056
It was bright but still hazy by the time I arrived home at 7:15 am.

What a story to post as I celebrate the first anniversary of this blog today!

Thanks so much for dropping by for the past twelve months. Your comments and compliments are always welcome and appreciated.

Thanks tons also to Jan Shim and Dr. Roland Lim for without their prompting, I wouldn’t have experienced the wonderful blog platform of WordPress!

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My dear friends, what will you be doing on this Sat, Mar 28 at 8:30pm when people in 74 countries and territories will switch off their lights for one hour?

Vote Earth – Your Light Switch Is Your Vote – is a great way to vote between earth and global warming! A simple yet brilliant idea introduced by one city that caught the attention of the whole world two years ago.

In Sydney, 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour.

If you missed what I missed two years ago, you can watch the history-making moments here:

We can’t deny anymore, yes – we’re over-heating our one and only home Earth! I was am impacted this time round. It’s not only the aggressive online awareness that Earth Hour has been doing to get my attention. First I eavesdropped overheard my two sons talked about the Mar 28 and what to “sacrifice” for one hour. Subsequently I received an invitation from Eddie to go for a photoshoot at Canada Hill on that special night. I consider these two “incidents” from the younger and “inexperienced” people a “wake-up” call for me and prompted me to blog about it!

What’s your stand? Will you join us to switch off on this Sat too? For our Earth?

Earth Hour 2009 vid from YouTube:

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