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Rev. Lisa Ting was smiling as she recorded a video of the performance with her iPad.

MIRI – Five years ago today my house was open to the Children’s Sunday School carolers from my ex-church. It’s so surreal how time just flies by like that.

Rev. Lisa Ting, the pastor-in-charge then, was visibly elated with the carolers’ delightful performance. Most of my Cell Group members were present too.

In Miri it appears that Christmas traditions like carol singing, sending Christmas cards and midnight church service are dying. Is it because we are too busy in this day? I hardly come across any carolers these days unlike the time when I was in school. Every Christmas we had carolers visiting my home. Refreshments would be served to everyone.

Until today no one actually knows how Christmas caroling began. Don’t be surprised that many people are also mistaken that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus.

In the Gospel of Luke, shepherds watched their flocks at night when Jesus was born. This only clue on the timing of the birth suggests that Jesus’ birthday was not in the winter. Why? Because shepherds watched their flocks only during the lambing season in spring. In the cold months, it was more likely that the sheep were corralled.

Christmas, now celebrated throughout the world, is to remember the birth of of Jesus. Traditionally people would take leave for holidays and family members would gather for a reunion. Kids love it because it’s the time to receive presents!

Have a blessed Christmas, my dear friends!


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IMG_8995Mom and dad #21
Another priceless photo gem of my parents which I’ve gotten from my sister in Singapore during my recent trip. The classic 50’s look is absolutely so cool!

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memory lane series #11

kindy #11
Pics from kindy days. Top pic shows us at St. Teresa’s Kindergarten, Pandungan, Kuching. Far right is Michael Lu of Sarawak Tourism Board; that means we have been buddies since 5 years young! Bottom left – with Mom and Dad. Right – At a Christmas kindy party.

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Top left pic shows me and Blackie, the only pet dog I’ve ever owned. The concrete cast on my right arm was the consequence of crossing a road at the rear of a stationary bus and got hit by a oncoming taxi. Pic on the right shows a recovered me with a mischievous smile. Er… or was it before or after the accident?

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2010.03.12 035
Mom hails from Sitiawan. She married Dad at sixteen when the Japanese invaded Malaya. This was the norm at that point in time for parents to quickly marry off their daughters during the Japanese Occupation.

This photograph is the only one I have of Mom in a individual pose. Her 60s suit looked so chic!

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#8 at the piano
Dad loved music. Though he did not attend any formal lessons, Dad could play a number of musical instruments. None in the family has Dad’s natural musical genes. Well, maybe except for my eldest son.

Pic circa 1964 shows Dad and I at the piano.

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2010.03.12 013
This pic is a continuation from yesterday’s Memory Lane #5 (noticed my shirt?). I can identify the handsome boy in white shirt was Colin Tiong. 3rd Sister was standing behind me, and 2nd Sister behind the former. From the dirt on my kneecaps, one can easily tell that I was a real brat, haha!

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