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chicken, pork or lamb?

ON my way to airport, I dropped by Peach Garden Cafe Morsjaya to have teh-c because wife’s flight has been delayed. Succumbed to gluttony and ordered three sticks of different satay!

Hmmm, the pork satay is the best! 😂

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IMG_3323 bamboo charcoal bread

So proud of my wife on her first attempt of the homemade bamboo charcoal bread!

Health benefits aside, the savoury bread is soft and slightly moist with a hint of sweetness that goes perfectly well with a freshly-brewed Nescafe Gold cuppa.

Now that’s what I call, a delightful Friday morning bliss.

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2010.01.18 008a

What a day to start the week as I received an authentic Japanese Yoku Moku box of confectionery from a Wesley Methodist Church member to thank me for the Cantata photos I took in Sibu during last Christmas. Thank you, my friend.

Living up to its reputation, the first piece of the Pleine lune cookie I tasted melted in my mouth, :-).

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Last Tuesday evening I drove across the border to Seria to visit my photographer friend Jan Shim. As I was craving for Japanese food, we agreed to rendezvous at the popular Japanese eatery Kaizen Sushi.

2009.11.11 048 As the eatery is situated on the 1st floor, lanterns are hung down from the staircase ceiling.

2009.11.11 064 kaizen1
A shot at the sushi train with focus on the backdrop.

2009.11.11 029 sushi
Jan ordered sashimi.

2009.11.11 032 prawns
I ordered ebi tempura.

2009.11.11 031 chi
Tori teri don.

2009.11.11 033 crabs
Another fav of mine – softshell crab tempura.

2009.11.11 044
Salmon skin.

2009.11.11 038 jan
The top-notch Bruneian photographer was definitely enjoying the dinner, :p.

Overall we had a good time with Gavin joining us for drinks. What did we talk about throughout dinner? Photography, of course! :p

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Generally I don’t review on eateries simply because there are already so many good food writers out there, :).

However being a food enthusiast, I sometimes find hard to resist not to write when dining becomes such a pleasant experience.

My recent Brunei trip (Aug 12-14).

Among Bruneians, Excapade Sushi is a popular Japanese food establishment with a number of outlets. It is a fact that many Mirians travel across the border just to satisfy their cravings for Japanese cuisines at its Kuala Belait branch.

When my sis-in-law informed me about Excapade Sushi’s latest outlet at Kiulap 2, it took little persuasion to have dinner there because I am a great fan of Japanese food, :).

2009.08.13 050
The frontage is cosy and pleasing to the eye.

As a paying patron, I take into account the following criteria when rating any eatery: food, service, interior layout, ambience and price. For instance, when the food is awesome but the service is poor, I would still give it a lower rating. For easy marking, I always like to apply the Michelin Guide:

One Star – A very good restaurant in its category
Two Stars – Excellent cooking, worth a detour
Three Stars – Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

2009.08.13 056
My friend Chea ordered the food with the waitress writing on a Wi-fi PDA. I found that this expedited the ordering process from table to kitchen.

2009.08.13 054
Hot water is conveniently available from the tap at the Sushi train that adjoins our table. Two thumbs up for form and function!

2009.08.13 101
Small detail matters; the tissue box is hidden under our dining table to free clutter on table top! What a creative way!

What we ordered

2009.08.13 080
Within five minutes after our order, the Ebi Tempura arrived! I’m impressed! Must be the working of Wi-fi PDA, and the efficient chefs of course! The prawns were crispy and not over-fried. (B$10)

2009.08.13 073
Next came the Salmon Sashimi – no need for me to tell you how delicious it was! Just let your eyes feast at the photo, haha! (B$15)

2009.08.13 084
I have a weakness for Nama Kani Tempura aka soft shell crabs. It’s easier to eat if you split it into two. (B$10)

2009.08.13 076
I ordered these Sushi rolls on a red plate. (B$3.80)

2009.08.13 090
The grilled Shishamo was flavoursome and exciting. (B$4)

2009.08.13 097
Beef Teppanyaki – the beef was chunky and succulent, and complemented the fresh vegetables beautifully. (B$10)

2009.08.13 099
What a feast – we had to be insane to order so much food!

2009.08.13 106
At the rear was the open concept kitchen. The exhaust ventilation was so effective that my sensitive nose couldn’t smell any fumes.

2009.08.13 103
Here we were, sitting at the first table from the entrance. You can see beauty in the simplicity of the Zen-themed design where the lights are bright enough and the walls decorated with contemporary art drawings.

2009.08.13 113
Some of the friendly staff posing for a snap.

My verdict:
Over the years I have patronized three out of the five outlets of Excapade Sushi and I must say I had the best time at their latest restaurant. The ambience was nice with the tables and seats ideally arranged for maximum capacity without compromising privacy. I found our conversation was not obtrusive to our neighbouring table of patrons and vice versa. How should I describe? I felt good while dining and that good feeling came from 1) comfortable seating, 2) the service was attentive without being overly obsequious and 3) the food was reasonably good, the servings were adequate. In the end, we had to struggle to finish the food!

Chea beat me to the cashier (thanks my friend for the dinner)! I took a look at the bill – total B$51.10 after membership discount of 10%. That was a sumptuous meal for three. Was it full value for money? A definite yes and I would be going back again in the future. I won’t hesitate to recommend it to people who are looking for a good night out without having to dig deep into their pockets.

I would give Excapade Sushi Kiulap 2 a Michelin One Star, :).

Excapade Sushi
Unit 1 & 2, Block A, Regency Square
Kg. Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel +673 2234011, Hp +673 8759866
Opens daily 11:00am – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:30pm

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An informal dinner was hosted at a leading hotel by the LCEC (Local Church Executive Committee) of Gan En Church when the SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann arrived in Miri on last Saturday evening.

Among those who also present were LCEC members and Pastor Chan Jing Mei of Tudan Methodist Church, Ting Kong Yu the Lay Leader of Miri District Methodist Churches and Rev. Esther Law, District Superintendent of Miri District Methodist Churches.

On the following day, President Rev. Dr. Su’s itinerary was to officiate the groundbreaking ceremony of Gan En Church’s proposed building extension.

2009.08.08 057a
Group photo taken at the hotel’s restaurant.

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2009.06.03 104b
Nostalgia swept over us as my wife and I recently patronized this old Liang Yew coffeeshop which is situated opposite Masland Methodist Church Sibu. The last time we were there for their famous kolo mee was in the 80s. Nothing much has changed; except the boss and I have aged, :).

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