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After the traditional mee suah breakfast on the 1st day of Chinese New Year, we took time to take some pics. Hope you like the candid shots as much as I do!

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Evon Chong, Malaysia’s ballroom dancer representative, showing her moves during the MPOA dinner in Miri last Sat. Wow, what a great dancer she is!


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I love the casual wear.

The dynamic duo Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong continued to dazzle those attended the MPOA dinner!


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As the official photographer, I enjoyed much during the MPOA (Malaysia Palm Oil Association) Sarawak branch annual dinner held at the Civic Centre last Sat night.

The line-up of programmes were fantastic and one of them was ballroom dancing where the Malaysian national pair Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong put up a brilliant performance.

Boy, I was floored by their beautiful dancing, :p.

I’m thankful to MPOA for the opportunity to photograph such an awesome evening.

IMG_5609 chua n evon

IMG_5612 chua n evon

IMG_5617 chua n evon

IMG_5622 chua n evon

IMG_5624 chua n evon

IMG_5625 chua n evon



IMG_5549 chus n evon

IMG_5563 chua n evon

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During last Saturday’s wedding banquet, I had the opportunity to shoot a few lasses in traditional orang ulu costumes.

2009.10.17b 347
She’s in traditional costume.

2009.10.17b 356
This red version has a modern flavour, :p.

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Here is the last installment of the wedding photos taken on last Sat.

I want to thank the friend who hired me to photograph the most important day in the lives of Peggy and Lucas.

Weddings are so wonderfully special; to enjoy the joyful fleeting moments which are priceless; and to be able to document them is a great priviledge.

Years from now as Peggy and Lucas recall their big day and view the photos – well, I can see the smile on their faces, :p.

2009.10.17b 033

2009.10.17b 085

2009.10.17b 245

2009.10.17b 273

2009.10.17b 461

2009.10.17b 576

2009.10.17b 604

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The traditional tea ceremony began at the bride’s home and subsequently it was also held at the groom’s.

2009.10.17a 339

2009.10.17a 352

2009.10.17a 387

2009.10.17a 403

2009.10.17a 455

2009.10.17a 461

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