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Never miss a great candid moment – I couldn’t resist to covertly snap this cute and feisty girl when covering an event at her school last week.


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Wedding bells rang in Sibu recently for Connie Yong, my church’s Pastor.

Last Saturday evening she and her husband, Pastor Wong Lik Kai hosted an informal gathering for their friends and well-wishers at PermyJaya Methodist Church, Miri.

Now in her third year, Connie has been the Pastor-in-charge of SMCGC, a centre planted by my church catering mostly to the spiritual needs of students in Curtin University at Senadin.

I wish Pastor Connie and Pastor Lik Kai much joy, love and good health as they begin their journey as lifelong partners serving many.

IMG_7289 Ps Connie smile
The sweet smile from the newlywed bride says it all!

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Evon Chong, Malaysia’s ballroom dancer representative, showing her moves during the MPOA dinner in Miri last Sat. Wow, what a great dancer she is!


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I love the casual wear.

The dynamic duo Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong continued to dazzle those attended the MPOA dinner!


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Here’s another installment of the ballroom dance pics shot during the MPOA dinner last Sat.

The duo representing Malaysia Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong performed the difficult sport like taking an afternoon walk in the park, haha!

Zjen Fong and Evon, you both are awesome!






2010.01.23 387

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On Christmas eve, my family and I were in Sibu to attend a cantata by the famous Wesley Methodist Church choir. The last time we attended a similar event was two years ago.

It’s indeed a great blessing to attend such a wonderful event. I applaud the Wesley choir led by conductor Cheng Hua Kong. Thanks for a great evening!

Here are some of the snaps I like. Enjoy, :p.

2009.12.25 080

2009.12.25 101

2009.12.25 123

2009.12.25 033

2009.12.25 150

2009.12.25 180

2009.12.25 012

A short clip uploaded at YouTube is here:

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One of the evening’s highlights was the famous Operafest Children’s Choir from Kuala Lumpur. They were absolutely amazing!

2009.12.12 252

2009.12.12 244

2009.12.12 264

2009.12.12 262

2009.12.12 263

2009.12.12 265

2009.12.12 267

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