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One for the album! Photo credit – Mr Jae Bong of Chin Daw Methodist Church

By Lt. James TC Wong, 4th Miri Coy

Kuching – Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng launched the Sarawak State Council, The Boys’ Brigade In Malaysia, inaugural theme during the 2019 AGM at Blessed Sacrament Church from March 1-2.

The newly-composed biennial theme, ‘United in Vision, Advancing Christ’, was approved by the State Executive Committee last year. It is guided by the Bible verse taken from Romans 15:6 (so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ).

Rev. Dr. Khoo, who is also the State Chaplain, in his exhortation, emphasized on the importance of having a theme as it helps to focus on vision. “When you are in the Boys’ Brigade long enough, you may tend to forget your Object. It takes years to internalize your sense of purpose. Any Christian organization will face the common danger of turning into a social club,” he cautioned.

Using John 17:11, 20-23, the good shepherd imparted to the Officers that unity matters to God, and unity is not uniformity. “Be united in BB’s vision and seek to be faithful in your respective mission field. Without unity, we will not go far. Any organization will disintegrate without unity.”

He further explained by analogy: “Imagine BB as a ship. Though there are many rooms and compartments (opinions) but ultimately, it’s the ship deck (God’s Kingdom) that forms the permanent covering. We come from diverse backgrounds. We must preserve unity since we are called to service.”

Continuing his exhortation, Rev. Dr. Khoo underscored three key essentials; Leaders must sincerely care for each other, BB’s good relationship with the Sponsoring Church, Leaders who truly serve Christ.

Rev. Dr. Khoo also encouraged the BB Officers to seize the moment and open more harvest fields specifically to the indigenous youth in the rural and urban areas.

In conclusion, Rev. Dr. Khoo reminded the Officers of the power and promise of the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-17, Acts 1:8). “In our ministry, you are the spiritual leaders and you will need The Holy Spirit to advance God’s Kingdom.”

Day 1, Officers’ Conference

Capt. Clement Sii of 11th Kuching Coy (Sponsoring Church – Blessed Sacrament Church) was introduced by State Training Chairman Lt. Aaron Tieng Shiaw Harng to say a few words.

For the first time, a Roman Catholic Church played host to the State AGM venue.

Captain Sii, a former Officer of 2nd Kuching, warmly welcomed all the Officers present. He then invited Rev. Fr. Felix Au, the Chaplain of 11th Kuching, to welcome the participants. In his short message, the charismatic and likeable priest praised Capt. Sii and his team of Officers for their commitment and enthusiasm. “We are starting to see this ministry bearing fruits already,” he encouraged his Coy. “Keep up the good work.”

This year, a record-breaking 38 out of 42 Companies in Sarawak represented by 86 Officers and Helpers attended the AGM.

BB Mindset I (Serving as BB Officer) Session by State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong. Photo credit – Lt. James TC Wong, 4th Miri Coy

The sessions in the Officers’ Conference were: BB Mindset I (Serving as BB Officer) – by State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong, BB Mindset II (Serving Together) – Lt. David Wong Siew Ling, BB Mindset III (Why, How and What) – by Lt. Aaron Tieng Shiaw Harng , Challenges and Blessings as BB Officer – by Lt. Aaron Tieng Shiaw Harng and BB Protocols and Traditions – by Hon. Capt. Joseph Tin, Honorary State Commissioner.

Unity, not uniformity – a reminder from State Chaplain Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng to the participants. Photo credit – Lt. James TC Wong

Day 2, AGM

The last day was packed from morning to night. Sessions included BB Alumni overview, Extension Works, Resource-sharing, BBM Constitution, Exhortation by State Chaplain, BBM Pre-Juniors and Junior Board Matters, State Camp, BB Love Box, State Training, Budget, and followed by State AGM held in the evening.

Important highlights of the AGM included the election of the State Commissioner and appointment of State Executive Members for the new two-year term, 2019-2020. Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong returned uncontested as State Commissioner.

The State Executive Members also retained their same respective posts: Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng (State Chaplain), Hon. Capt. Lo Hoi Fook (Hon. Commissioner), Hon. Capt. Joseph Tin Kiew Seng (Hon. Commissioner), Capt. Edmund Wong Kiing Sung (Deputy Commissioner), Hon. Capt. Guang Chin Tung (Deputy Commissioner), Hon. Capt. Lawrence Wong Ching Tuong (Deputy Commissioner), Hon. Capt. Roseline Lee Chai Ngit (State Secretary), Lt. Linda Ting Pick Sieng (State Treasurer), Lt. Aaron Tieng Shiaw Harng (State Training Chairman), Capt. Sim Tze Sian (State Chairman, Social Welfare and Community Service), Lt. Hu Wei Ung (State Executive Secretary).

Junior Gold Award – presented by Rev. Fr. Felix Au of Blessed Sacrament Church to L/Cpl. Ivan Jong Zhen Yin (2nd Kuching). Photo credit – Lt. James TC Wong, 4th Miri Coy


Junior Gold Award – presented by Rev. Fr. Felix Au

L/Cpl. Ivan Jong Zhen Yin (2nd Kuching), Pte. John Reuben Sim Kiang Yong (2nd Kuching), Jordon Foo Toon Chiat (2nd Kuching)

Officers Service Medal – presented by State Chaplain Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng

Bronze Service Medal – Lt. Donny Lau Song Fu (7th Kuching), Lt. Chia Jia Jen (7th Kuching), Lt. Mike Wong Kee Ing (4th Sibu)

Silver Service Medal – Capt. Wong Pak Ing (4th Sibu)

Officer Training Program Purple Award – Lt. Mike Wong Kee Ing (4th Sibu)

State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong presented a love gift to Mr. Thomas Ting, Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council, Blessed Sacrament Church. Photo credit – Lt. James TC Wong, 4th Miri Coy


State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong presented a love gift to Mr. Thomas Ting, Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council, Blessed Sacrament Church.

2020 AGM

Next year’s AGM will be in Mukah from March 6-7.

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Group pic of BCM2018 Sarawak Committee members present last night.

by Lt. James TC Wong, 4th Miri

MAY 15, MIRI – During last month’s Brigade Council Meeting in Muar, it was announced that Miri was unanimously chosen as next year’s AGM venue.

It is a great honor for Sarawak Boys’ Brigade State Council to host such an important event in the calendar of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia.

About 200 Officers, Delegates and Observers throughout the country are expected to attend.

Prior to this announcement at the ongoing meeting in Muar, BB Sarawak State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong briefly introduced about Miri. Following that, a powerpoint presentation given by 4th Miri Capt. Roseline Lee received a warm response and applause from the participants.

The BCM2018 Sarawak Committee was formalized last night after receiving the prayer blessing from Rev. George Wong Hin Hung, former Chaplain of the Sarawak State Boys’ Brigade. The good shepherd also gave a short exhortation to the committee members present. He urged them to be extra diligent and hardworking in the BB ministry. “You all have the means to reach out to the indigenous groups of students in the rural areas. You have a duty and you have the capability to do so,” urged Rev George.

BB Deputy Sarawak State Commissioner and Northern Region President Hon. Capt. Lawrence Wong was elected as the Organizing Chairman with BB Sarawak State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong and Honorary BB Sarawak State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Lo Hoi Fook as Advisors.

Other members include Capt. Patrick Tiong (2nd Miri), Capt. Kenneth Law (3rd Miri), Capt. Roseline Lee (4th Miri), Hon. Capt. Ling Yew Kwong (5th Miri), Capt. David Wong (6th Miri), Capt. Tiong Hee Kwong (7th Miri), Capt. Mutang (1st Beluru), Capt. Edmund Wong (7th Kuching), Lt. Hu Wei Ung (ES, SSC), Lt. James TC Wong and Helper Aaron Wong (both of 4th Miri).

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Top L Clockwise: New BB Sarawak State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong, Installation of 2017-2018 Exco, Hon. State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Joseph Tin presenting an award to Lt. Wong Pang Kui of 2nd Bintulu, retiring State Chaplain Rev. George Wong receives a farewell gift from outgoing State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Lo Hoi Fook.

“God chooses volunteers and gives us amazing jobs to do. I believe He will help me for He is my constant companion.” – New BB Sarawak State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong

by James Tc Wong, 4th Miri

BINTULU – Seventy-two officers and delegates from 33 Coys in Sarawak attended the 2017 Sarawak State Council AGM of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia at Eng Kwang Methodist Church from Feb 24-25.

On Feb 25, retiring BB Sarawak State Chaplain Rev. George Wong Hin Hung commenced the AGM with an opening prayer. Following that, Rev. George gave his exhortation guided by Philippians 3:13-14 (NIV): “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

The good shepherd mentioned that while the members worked hard to earn their awards, officers and helpers hardly gained any recognition. Rev. George encouraged the latter not to lose heart because of the promise of rewards awaiting in Jesus Christ. He also thanked the EXCO members and fellow officers for their love and congenial support during his eight-year tenure as State Chaplain. He added that he would be taking a sabbatical and wished the BB Ministry the best in their endeavors.

With much appreciation, outgoing Commissioner Hon. Capt. Lo Hoi Fook presented a BB logo clock to Rev. George.

In his opening message, Hon. Capt. Lo welcomed all the officers and delegates. He extended his heartfelt thanks to the host church for the use of its excellent venue and facilities.

Hon. Capt. Lo began his address by indicating his intention to step down, adding that he had already planned the move a few years ago for a change in leadership.

He continued by professing that it was neither a hard or easy decision for him to make knowing that God is in control and God will raise a more capable person to lead the BB to HIS glory.

Hon. Capt. Lo also affirmed that becoming volunteers in the BB ministry is one’s own choice. In doing so, the volunteer has to commit his or her talents, time and money. As such, there are no material or earthly gains for the volunteer except experiencing peace and joy in serving Christ Jesus.

He attested that not only in Malaysia that Sarawak is a model state for the BB ministry but also internationally. “Sarawak is operating our own depot well, blessed with a committed FTO for 12+ years, and our own HQ building. We have achieved much not because of our strength but because Sarawak BB is very united,” he explained. “We also need to support BB Malaysia, especially at a time when they are facing various challenges. We should put God first, BBM second, and BB Sarawak third. Likewise, EXCO should put benefits to local Coys first, Sarawak second and lastly, EXCO.”

He asked all present to be wise to know what is best for BBM; to stay humble and submissive to the leading of His Spirit.

In conclusion, the outgoing Commissioner reminded all the delegates of their leadership responsibilities by putting ministry above self-interests.

Reports were also received from the Presidents of the three respective regions; Southern, Central and Northern.

Other important reports included:

State Secretary’s Report – by Capt. Roseline Lee, 4th Miri
State Treasurer’s Report – by Lt. Linda Ting, 1st Sibu
State Training Chairman’s Report – by Lt. Aaron Tieng, 1st Sibu
State Extension Works Chairman’s Report – by Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong, 7th Kuching
State Competition Chairman’s Report – Capt. Wong Chek Ing, 2nd Bintulu

The date and venue of the 2018 AGM were proposed and accepted to be in Sibu, March 16-18.

Group photo of the delegates taken after the AGM.

State Executive Council 2015/2016 was dissolved smoothly, followed by the election of the new State Commissioner. Nominations Chairman Rev. George Wong announced that Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong was the only candidate to receive more than three nominations to qualify for the post. Hence, Hon. Capt. Hii was unanimously elected as the new State Commissioner for 2017/2018.

Appointment of State Executive Council 2017/2018

Commissioner – Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong
Honorary Commissioner – Hon. Capt. Joseph Tin Kiew Seng, Hon. Capt. Lo Hoi Fook
Deputy Commissioner – Capt. Edmund Wong, 7th Kuching (Southern Region), Hon. Capt. Guang Chin Tung, 10th Sibu (Central Region), Hon. Capt. Lawrence Wong, 1st Limbang (Northern Region)
Secretary – Capt. Roseline Lee, 4th Miri
Treasurer – Lt. Linda Ting, 1st Sibu
Training Chairman – Lt. Aaron Tieng, 1st Sibu
State Extension Chairman – Hon. Capt. Lawrence Wong, 1st Limbang
State Chaplain – TBA

Message by new State Commissioner

In his acceptance speech as the newly-elected State Commissioner, Hon. Capt. Hii thanked God for the opportunity to serve in BB ministry. He also thanked the retiring State Chaplain who had served eight years and the former State Commissioner (serving 16 years) for their great effort in leading the BB ministry in Sarawak.

Hon. Capt. Hii conceded that he had struggled for the past year to seek God’s will whether he was ready for the top post after the former State Commissioner dropped him a hint.

“I decided to fast once a week to seek His will. Perhaps God will speak to me with encouraging words through close friends or during Bible-reading in my quiet time. Amazingly, God told me to have a willing heart to serve Him!” he declared.”God chooses volunteers and gives us amazing jobs to do. I believe He will help me for He is my constant companion.”

The new State Commissioner recalled in one of the sermons preached by his Pastor on how God prepared Elisha to become a leader (2 Kings 2:1-14). Knowing the heavy responsibilities that lay ahead, Hon. Capt. Hii prayed to God to equip him just as what Elisha asked Elijah for a double portion of the latter’s spirit (2 Kings 2:9).

“Lastly, l pray every officer will give me his and her full support through prayer. Together we continue the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ. Amen!” he said.

Source – BB Sarawak State Council.

State Training Workshop

A good number of delegates arrived on Feb 24 to attend the State Training Workshop by Penang-based Rev. Lawrence Toh Kim Seng.

The four sessions in the Workshop were: Serve Like Jesus, Calling And Purpose of Life, To See What The Lord Has Seen, To do What The Lord Has Commanded.

Newly-appointed Capt. Hii Ting Ik of 6th Kuching said he was glad to attend the AGM. “The self-development training by Rev. Lawrence was very good. It awakened me and I believe other Officers felt the same. We need to refresh our relationship with God from time to time to ensure that we are serving HIM happily,” he recounted.

“Thank God for the opportunity to attend this AGM. The training has inspired me how to lead my Coy and myself with the right attitude. May God bless the Boys’ Brigade,” expressed Siung Wen Loon, another newly-appointed Captain of 6th Sibu.

The highlight of the AGM was the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of 1st Bintulu held in the sanctuary of the hosting church. Prior to that, all the delegates and invited guests were treated to a scrumptious buffet dinner served in the church premises, followed by wonderful performances by the Boys of 1st Bintulu.

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One big BB family, all glory to God! Photo credit – Aaron and Abel Wong.

THE Year of the Rooster had my family visiting Mom in Kuching. We arrived late on Monday night (Jan 23). Eldest son and d-i-l flew in the following Thursday morning; youngest son arrived from KL on the same afternoon – yes, the family was wholesome again!

On Reunion Dinner night (Jan 27), I was delighted to receive a WhatsApp message from the BB Sarawak State Commissioner, Hon. Capt. Lo Hoi Fook. He caught wind that we were in town and graciously extended an Open House invitation to my family for the first day of the Lunar Year.

We arrived at Commissioner’s house around 6:30 pm. The rain arrived too. In my heart, I was silently encouraged by Deuteronomy 28.12, “The Lord will open to you his good treasury, the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hands…” Yes, raining is a blessing!

Armed with an umbrella and a big smile, Commissioner warmly welcomed us and brought us in one-by-one from our car that was parked at the gate. One lady Officer Lt. Chris Han and her family had earlier arrived before us. Within an hour, more guests came.

Hannah, the Commissioner’s wife, was equally welcoming and hospitable. All of us felt very much at home. Stepping into their house makes one feel like stepping into a mini BB depot! I was awed by the BB commemorative and award badges, and other paraphernalia adorning the walls and in the cabinets.

The specially-ordered home-cooked food made me almost fall off my chair! The Lo’s family certainly knows how to be a great host! More guests arrived as we were savoring the scrumptious dinner.

Hannah, the warm and hospitable hostess (left front) and Commissioner Lo behind her.

We had a wonderful meal with our fellow Officers, their spouses and children. The few hours just flew by in a blink of an eye because we enjoyed every moment. We learned from Commissioner that he had been inviting the BB Officers and their families to his house every Chinese New Year for the past many years. “I can still recall some of the Officers were single then and now they are married with kids! It’s a pleasure for Hannah and I to see our Officers grow and progress through the years,” the good Commissioner commented.

“This is our yearly activity for the first day of Chinese New Year. And it is the best gathering of all,” declared Lt. Desmond Chan of 2nd Kuching.

Lt. Michael Hung also of 2nd Kuching expressed his thoughts with fondness. “I was a young Officer then when I was first invited to Commissioner’s Open House. It’s so heartwarming. We chat at the same level, we laugh, we enjoy the good food and most importantly, we have special bonding time,” he said.

“It’s wonderful to be reunited with fellow BB members and their families. It’s like a big family coming home from a hectic year of work and school. To see all the familiar faces gives me a wonderful sense of nostalgia and reminds me of the fun times with our BB family,” added Lavender Bong of 9th Kuching Coy Girls’ Wing.

In the car on our way home, my eldest son proclaimed he had such an awesome evening and in future his children will be enrolled in The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia! This is, indeed, a “BBlessed” family we have, all praises to God!

The writer serves as a Warrant Officer in 4th Miri Coy, The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia. His wife is the Captain of the mentioned Coy.

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