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2010.03.12 082
1977 was the year that I peaked in athletics and sports. Group pic of us from Sacred Heart School with coach Steven Tan (far Left) and Brother Albinus (far right).

During the Inter-Division meet in Kuching, I broke the Long Jump record and was awarded the Best Athlete for Boys B. Following that, Wong Hing (Discus, Div A), Ling Hoe Hung (Discus, Div B) and I (Long Jump, Div B) were selected to represent Sarawak in the MSSM in Alor Setar, Kedah.

2010.03.12 086 Inter-school basketball Champions 1977
We also won the Inter-School Boys B basketball. Those were the days when every secondary male student wanted to keep long hair and own a pair bell-bottoms pants.

And Andy Gibb was everyone’s idol.


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Evon Chong, Malaysia’s ballroom dancer representative, showing her moves during the MPOA dinner in Miri last Sat. Wow, what a great dancer she is!


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I love the casual wear.

The dynamic duo Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong continued to dazzle those attended the MPOA dinner!


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Here’s another installment of the ballroom dance pics shot during the MPOA dinner last Sat.

The duo representing Malaysia Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong performed the difficult sport like taking an afternoon walk in the park, haha!

Zjen Fong and Evon, you both are awesome!






2010.01.23 387

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During my recent visit to Sibu, I took the opportunity to drop by one morning at Xin Fu Yuan, Brooke Drive to take a look at their Praise Dancers. This church is well-known for their team of dynamic instructors. Last June they successfully hosted a Praise Dance Convention with a participation of hundreds of Praise Dancers from all over Sarawak.

2009.08.24 099

The exercise regime was held in the void deck of an adjacent building next to the Sanctuary. I thought this was great because come rain or shine, the people could still attend.

2009.08.24 046
All who attended were ladies.

2009.08.24 021
The instructor on duty that morning was Madam Goh, wife of Rev. Jonathan Wong. She’s an excellent instructor with lots of patience.

2009.08.24 028
There were other instructors present too.

2009.08.24 052
What a nice pose from the instructors!

2009.08.24 054
They even agreed to do a jumping shot for my camera!

Praise dance schedule at Xin Fu Yuan are as follows:

Mon – 8:15am
Tue – 7:30pm
Thu – 8:15am
Fri – 8:15am

Admission is free. Exercise regime is one hour. If you are in Sibu, why not drop by one day to try out? You won’t be disappointed, I promise! :p

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Here are some images from the badminton tourney during the past weekend. This year ten teams from the various Chinese Clan associations participated. My church and Small Group member represented Lin Association in the veteran’s category. All matches were played in doubles.

2009.06.27 030a
This was during the semi when the Lin clan faced off with the Hii’s. Image shows my church member playing.

2009.06.27 029a
Based on best of five games in different categories, the Lins managed to win and proceeded to the final.

2009.06.29 026a
The final was a showdown with the Wongs.

2009.06.29 023a
During the final, my church member and his partner had to face tough competition from the Wongs.

2009.06.29 034a
The Wongs won the opening game (veteran category) but in the end the Lins won the tournament.

Congratulations to the Lins!

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Sports day 2009.05.01 110a

Look at her hands – it was as if she was also pulling the rope! My wife couldn’t contain herself as she watched helplessly our team going down to a better side during the Miri Methodist District Churches Sports Day on May 1, 2009.

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