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Sports day 2009.05.01 110a

Look at her hands – it was as if she was also pulling the rope! My wife couldn’t contain herself as she watched helplessly our team going down to a better side during the Miri Methodist District Churches Sports Day on May 1, 2009.


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Continuing from yesterday’s post, here are some more images from the Sports Day.

Our team’s march pass. Look at the beautiful sky!

Sports day 2009.05.01 036

My wife was one of the Praise Dance performers.

Sports day 2009.05.01 039

What a magnificent poise from the Praise Dance ladies!

Sports day 2009.05.01 085

Everyone joining in the Praise Dance as a warming-up session!

Sports day 2009.05.01 062

It’s amazing that without any practice we managed to get a Silver medal for the penalty shootout. My youngest son scoring, :).

Sports day 2009.05.01 096 abel

Our ladies team won a Bronze medal in the tug-of-war. So proud of them, :).

Sports day 2009.05.01 117

Family, :).

Sports day 2009.05.01 128

Overall we had a great time of fun and fellowship with everyone!

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Here are two picks of photos from 3rd Methodist Miri District Sports Meet 2009 this morning.

So proud of the combined team from GMC and SMCGC!

Sports day 2009.05.01 142a


Sports day 2009.05.01 145a

Watch out for more images to come, :).

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