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Obviously not even the best kaya toast in Miri could momentarily halt the National Director of Alpha Malaysia from sharing his passion over the coffee table this morning.

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IMG_6226 Foo with Starfish
A man was walking along a beach in Mexico. And he saw that what had happened is the tide had gone out and there were tens of thousands of starfish left stranded on the beach, dying for lack of oxygen, in the heat of the sun. And there was a young boy who was picking up the starfish one at a time, going down to the sea and just throwing them in, and going back to get another one, pick it up and going back and throwing it into the sea.

And this man went up to him and he said, `Look, can’t you see—there are tens of thousands of starfish out here! I don’t really think that what you’re doing is going to make any difference.’ And the young boy picked up another one, and he went down to the water’s edge and he threw it in the sea, and he said, `I bet it made a difference for that one!’

IMG_5889 Praise and Worship

Back to back from the successful launching of the Reading Bus outreach in Tudan, Grace Methodist Church (GMC) has stepped up another level and organized training for leaders and helpers to facilitate on the Alpha course.

It is also the church’s desire to animate its congregation to impact the marketplace.

Held at its own premises, the 1½ days intensive training ended on October 9, 2010.

Forty-nine church members enrolled in the training conducted by a lay team of four members from Alpha Malaysia.

IMG_6177 The trainers

The four trainers were Alpha Malaysia’s National Director Mr. Foo Lai Wei, Mr. Yip Siew Kee, Mr. Lee Kee Huat and his wife Gay.

Last April a group of GMC leaders attended the 2010 Alpha Conference in Kuching. They discovered that Alpha members’ convictions about their faith are strong and their preparatory training on evangelism is simple, duplicable and effective.

According to the Alpha Malaysia website, over 15 million people worldwide have now attended an Alpha course. In Malaysia, thousands of people have attended courses in hundreds of locations across the country.

Alpha runs in hundreds of churches throughout the country as well as in homes, schools, national service camps, workplaces, homes for the elderly and prisons. It takes place over ten weekly sessions, and also includes a weekend away. Each week begins with a meal, tea or coffee with the other guests and the hosts of the course.

People attend for a variety of reasons. Some want to investigate the concept of God from a Christian perspective; others want to know if there is a point to life; others may have attended church their whole life, but have never really understood Christianity.

Breakout exercise after lunch

GMC’s Prayer leader Sally Tan who attended the course said she was encouraged by the tools used to reach out to the pre-Christians. She also added that the course was also a journey to discover Jesus in a non-intimidating environment.

Another elated participant and LCEC member Wendy Tiong said, “It’s an excellent training, especially the acronym for A.L.P.H.A – it’s for everyone.” (A – Anyone can come, L – Learning and laughter, P – Pasta, popiah, prata, pizza, H – Helping one another, A – Ask anything).

“The Alpha weekend was simply too great! The seeker-sensitive approach is considerate. This course will help our church as it transforms people and fills them with the power of the Holy Spirit,” said Rev. Law Hui Seng, the Pastor-in-charge of Grace Methodist Church. “We’re excited to have 191 Starfish (people) to pray for now and we are looking forward to inviting them to the Alpha course. I pray we will continue to make disciples of all nations.”

Sticking the symbolic starfish

In the Alpha training course context, saving the symbolic Starfish stranded on the perilous beach is used to illustrate how one can make a difference to a pre-believer by sharing the Good News with him or her.

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:18-20

For more information on the Alpha course, please email info@my.alpha.org

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2009.07.10 160

I particularly like this moment Garry captured on camera during the Alpha sharing in my church last Friday. While a couple were alert with the ongoing presentation, a lady (far end) took a break and closed her tired eyes.

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Last night about thirty people attended a sharing on Alpha at my church.

The presenter was John Tiong, a successful entrepreneur and a member of the Wesley Methodist Church (WMC), Sibu. He was invited by my Small Group as we wanted to know about the evangelism tool experienced by more than 13 million people since its inception 26 years ago.

WMC launched the Alpha programme successfully last year.

2009.07.10 024
My eldest son lead in the Praise and Worship as we commenced.

2009.07.10 054
I represented my Small Group to welcome our Pastor Rev. Law Hui Seng, guests and church members.

2009.07.10 060
John Tiong sharing the Alpha programme with us.

2009.07.10 104
My youngest son at the laptop helping John with the powerpoint slides presentation.

2009.07.10 066
2009.07.10 107
2009.07.10 149
Full attention as the sharing progressed.

2009.07.10 153
Pastor Rev. Law Hui Seng was very encouraging and supportive.

2009.07.10 166
My Small Group gave an appreciation gift to John after the session ended.

2009.07.10 167
We also showed our appreciation to Stephen Wong, also from WMC Sibu. He’s the one who linked us to John.

2009.07.10 171
One for the album – my family and John.

2009.07.10 178
No gathering of ours could be complete without some refreshments, haha!

On behalf of my Small Group, I would like to thank John again for last night’s sharing.

I also like to applaud the young, talented photographer Garry (son of my Small Group member Richard and Joyce Lin), who helped to shoot all the nice photos last night.

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If God did exist, what would you ask? (Alpha.org)

Come this Friday evening, my church will receive a guest who is a member of Wesley Methodist Church, Sibu. The visitor, John Tiong will share with our church members on Alpha, an inter-denominational evangelism tool.

According to its USA website, over 13 million people have attended an Alpha course. It offers an opportunity to explore the meaning of life, running in tens of thousands of churches of all denominations, and at universities, in prisons and on military bases across the world.

Here’s a good testimony on Alpha:

If you interested to know more, why not drop me an email to reserve your free seat? 🙂

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