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Bak Chang is meat rice dumpling in the Hokkien dialect.

Have you ever seen a RM3.50 bak chang in Miri? Well I saw it (see photo) at the coffeeshop near my office yesterday morning. Curious, I asked why the price was such and the waitress justified by saying it was bigger than the normal ones and stuffed with salty duck egg.  Ah, I was not convinced.

Gone are the days when bak changs were available just once a year. We could only enjoy zongzi on the days before the Duanwu Jie. I can still remember Mom buying lotus leaves and straws a couple of weeks beforehand. Mom would always wrapped two versions; the meat and the red beans. As kids we loved to eat the red beans type by dipping it into a bowl of white sugar. Such thrilling feeling now remains a distant memory (and yes, my two sons won’t be able to understand it) as rice dumplings are available everyday in the market, haha!

During my early working years in Brunei, it dawned upon me that the Cantonese and the Hokkiens are master chefs when it comes to making bak chang. Even as I write now my taste buds begin to crave for Mrs. Tan’s (my Brunei buddy’s wife) homemade rice dumplings filled with skinless mung beans, mushroom slice, salted duck egg, chestnut, dried shrimps and belly pork. As to date, I have yet to savour a more mouthwatering bak chang better than hers!

Oh yes, just in case you want to know, Duanwu Jie is tomorrow (Thu, May 28). It’s always on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. Have a nice dinner tomorrow night if you are celebrating, :).

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