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This morning I dropped by Bintang Megamall to congratulate my church member Michael Lee on the opening of his new shop, Lovely Lace.

Coming down from the escalator, I could already smell the sweet scents coming from Level 2. It’s so easy to locate the shop – let your nose lead the way!

Designed as a licensed Concepts Store, the retail outlet is the first of its kind established in East Malaysia. The exclusive choices are Teddy Bears, Pot Pourri, Lace Ornaments, Wedding and Fragrance gifts.

Here are some of the photos I took, :).

2009.07.24 041

2009.07.24 034

2009.07.24 038

2009.07.24 018

2009.07.24 007

2009.07.24 013

2009.07.24 045

2009.07.24 005

2009.07.24 052

Lovely Lace is located at Level 2 , next to the World of Cartoons, Bintang Megamall.

I must say it was quite a “scentsational” experience for me, :).


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Here are some images that I took of the clowns during the opening of the World of Cartoons in Miri last month.

The two clowns were specially hired to entertain the kids with balloons and also to add fun and publicity to the new outlet at Bintang Megamall new wing, :).





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Here are the last pics of the series photo shoot at Bintang Megamall.

Kudos to my volunteer model, she’s fantastic! 🙂

2009.06.15 054a

2009.06.15 065aa

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Light can be the photographer’s friend or foe. In this instance the light was dimmer than the earlier shots and you can see the richness of diversed colours at the background. Definitely these images are among my favourites!

2009.06.15 038
2009.06.15 029

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This is the second installment of the photo shoot at Bintang Megamall.

As I journey along the road of digital photography hobby for six months now, I have a better understanding on how to shoot nice portraits. One important criteria lies in how photogenic the person is. I also discovered (much to my surprise) that for example, a beautiful lady may not necessary be photogenic. Some have it, some don’t – it’s like the inexplicable “X” factor. My volunteer for the photo shoot has it all – she’s got the attitude plus the smile! 🙂

Enjoy the images!

2009.06.15 036

2009.06.15 012ab

2009.06.15 014

2009.06.15 020

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I was back at the Bintang Megamall yesterday. Thanks to the daughter of my church Small Group members for agreeing to do a photo shoot; she’s now back in Miri for a brief holiday. Having completed her tertiary education recently, she’ll be joining one of the Big Four in Kuala Lumpur soon. Photographing her is a joy because she’s so photogenic!

Here’s the first series of images:

2009.06.15 003
2009.06.15 009
2009.06.15 007
2009.06.15 004

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I had a great time over the weekend doing the photo shoot for the kids at World of Cartoons at Bintang Megamall, Miri. The children were a real joy; some would test your patience and others were too good to be true! This was one of my absolute favourites, :).

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