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Integral to the church camp programme was the morning devotion by each individual cluster. Before 7:00am we gathered at various pre-designated spots. Here are photos on some of the groups.

Photo credit – William Law. Gear – Nikon D90, Lens 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6









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No church camp is complete without team building games! Thanks to my church member who has contributed the photos to post.

Photo credit – William Law. Gear – Nikon D90, Lens 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6












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One of the activities we enjoyed during our church camp at Rainforest was trekking to explore what nature has to offer. Before starting off, we assembled at the sports hall for a safety briefing and did some warming-up exercises.

Here are some of the photos.

2009.05.08 230a

2009.05.08 221a

2009.05.08 226a

We boarded this tram for our first ride to the farm.

2009.05.08 248a

This was one of the areas of the domestic animals farm. The sight itself was reminiscent of my childhood days when everyone in my neighbourhood reared poultry, :).

2009.05.08 269a

A signage showing the various species of fish found in the large reservoir. But no fishing allowed here, :(. The photo also shows a path that was specially constructed for foot reflexology – I’m impressed!

2009.05.08 273a

Pausing for a pose!

2009.05.08 278a

This spot is the highest altitude of the resort . You can see thousands of acres of oil palm and lush forests stretching to beyond the horizon. We missed the sunset (the guide mentioned it’s awesome) because we were there too early (4:00pm).

2009.05.08 289a

The sun was blazing hot as we approached the reservoir that rears primarily Patin fish.

2009.05.08 295a

Waiting to cross the reservoir – life vest is compulsory for all on board.

2009.05.08 296a

An interesting exchange of questions and answers in progress. With an enquiring mind, Ronald kept addressing my wife as “Officer” as he’s in the Boys’ Brigade that Roseline is serving.

2009.05.08 315a

We reached land. While waiting for our ride to arrive, I suggested taking a group photo.

2009.05.08 320a

Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann obviously enjoying the tour and (himself), :).

2009.05.08 324a

The ladies at the entrance of the path leading to the waterfall.

2009.05.08 329a

Our last stop was the waterfall – a disappointment because it was a “midget”. The guide said, “Sorry, no rain for the past week.” But I was rewarded with this opportunity – using this angle I was able to shoot at the luminous rays breaking through from the thick canopy above. Wow – I’ve never taken this kind of shot before, with such sharp details and beautiful composition – a first for me! I’m so pleased, :).

2009.05.08 334a

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Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann, President of the Methodist Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC) at the Rainforest Grace Methodist Church camp. His talk “Spreading Scriptural Holiness & Transforming the Nation” was segmented over three sessions and well-received by the participants.

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One of the highlights of the church camp was playing the ice-breaker “Forming a human mechanical”. Ya, ya I know the English is grammatically incorrect but as you look at the following pictures, you will understand what I mean. 🙂

Two groups were divided and formed; and this was the group my eyes were set upon.

2009.05.08 121a

This clever group quickly assembled themselves outside the meeting room where there was a terrace deck.

2009.05.08 135a

No ideas were given so this group decided to do a  human chain-link in a seating position without any real chairs.  During practice they were unified in every aspect – absolutely great teamwork!

2009.05.08 123a

Now getting ready for the real thing. In the meeting room.

2009.05.08 141a

All seated in perfect order on the thighs of the person behind, wow! No stumbling!

2009.05.08 144a

All hands up for the victory shout!

2009.05.08 145a

And finishing off the showmanship with a tsunami wave – what brilliance, woots!

2009.05.08 146a

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On Saturday morning we travelled in a convoy of four vehicles to Rainforest. It took us about 45 mins to reach our destination.

Being a first time visitor I didn’t know what to expect because catalogues are always overrated . But I was a bit awed by what I saw upon arrival. Wah, magnificence – such a tall and beautiful tree welcoming us. Truly it’s back to nature!

2009.05.08 020a

This is the front entrance leading to the lobby in the five-storey main building.

2009.05.08 050a

Mother and eldest son.

2009.05.08 051a

Moses, the indomitable young man and everyone’s favourite, immediately greeted me with a welcome drink! Thanks Mo, :).

2009.05.08 054a

Taking a break while waiting for the next activity.

2009.05.08 064a

My cell group members Richard and his wife Joyce.

2009.05.08 069a

Welcome to Grace Methodist Church Camp!

2009.05.08 065a

Michelle’s youngest daughter enjoying the soft light rays on her face, :).

2009.05.08 077a

Welcome drinks were served to all guests upon arrival – pandan coconut juice, absolutely cool and refreshing!

2009.05.08 084a

Some more arrivals. Can you spot the famous blogger Sarawakiana? Hint: Dark glasses, :).

2009.05.08 095a

Mother and youngest son.

2009.05.08 523a

The covered walkway is elevated above the lush greenery. The natural light will make every photographer smile with glee! I love it! 🙂

2009.05.08 206a

The owners of Rainforest deserve praise! This tree was not cut even though it stands in the way, :).

2009.05.08 559a

Outside our chalet. There are 4 rooms in a building – two on ground level, two on 1st floor. We were at the upper level.

2009.05.08 202a

This is the left side view. Can you see our neighbour’s terrace deck? Sun bathing anyone? Thanks but not for me, :).

2009.05.08 203a

Welcome to our room!

2009.05.08 201a

Excuse me, what kind of pose is this? LOL!

2009.05.08 194a

Finally if you are lucky, you get angels like these as your neighbours, haha!

2009.05.08 550a

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2009.05.08 538a

An emotional moment between mother and son captured during the Grace Methodist Church camp yesterday. Initiated by the camp’s invited speaker Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann, President of the Methodist Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC), my eldest son was asked to organize an impromptu performance by the youths to honour their parents. Thereafter the youths hugged their parents – the experience, to say the least, was priceless, :).

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Mother’s Day falls on this Sunday so what are your plans for your Mom? For us we will still be in church camp at Rainforest over the weekend. I wonder whether the organizing committee will surprise all the mothers with something special? Well… we shall see, :).

Meanwhile, enjoy a funny Mother’s Day clip from HappySlip.

I also like this heartwarming JC Penney’s commercial.

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