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Wedding bells rang in Sibu recently for Connie Yong, my church’s Pastor.

Last Saturday evening she and her husband, Pastor Wong Lik Kai hosted an informal gathering for their friends and well-wishers at PermyJaya Methodist Church, Miri.

Now in her third year, Connie has been the Pastor-in-charge of SMCGC, a centre planted by my church catering mostly to the spiritual needs of students in Curtin University at Senadin.

I wish Pastor Connie and Pastor Lik Kai much joy, love and good health as they begin their journey as lifelong partners serving many.

IMG_7289 Ps Connie smile
The sweet smile from the newlywed bride says it all!

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Last night my wife and I attended the welcoming dinner (for English-speaking Fellowship group) for new and current students of Curtin at SMCGC as the second semester of the year has commenced.

My two sons are also active serving in SMCGC and that motivates us even more to visit them as long as an opportunity arises, :).

Here are some of my fav photos to share:

2009.08.01 044
Self-introduction before the ice-breaker started.

2009.08.01 085
Interestingly the ice-breaking game was “Fingers Maths”. Two opponents hide their hands behind their backs. Upon showing their fingers of both hands at a strike, each opponent has to answer correctly according to prior instructions given. This exciting game is not easy as the variables can be many!

2009.08.01 080

My sons also had fun challenging each other!

2009.08.01 081
The shepherd of SMCGC, Pastor Connie Yong (in dark blouse) enjoying herself while the game continued.

2009.08.01 061
Of course the young Pastor also joined in the fun!

2009.08.01 075
This one is definitely my fav!

2009.08.01 032
No gathering can be complete without a group photo, :).

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Today I’m going to email the photos to Jeremy, the blog administrator of SMCGC. Jeremy, like many of his peers, has returned to his hometown since Curtin’s semester break started. I think Jeremy will update SMCGC’s blog soon when he receives the photos.

Meanwhile here are a few photos to whet your appetite, :).

2009.06.19 097
The young emcees did a fine job!

2009.06.19 299a
One of the awesome performances presented was the tambourine dance.

2009.06.19 419a
The tambourine lasses – but I’m not too sure all of them are in this photo, haha.

2009.06.19 430a
My two sons also served in the Praise and Worship team – I asked them to give me a great pose and they did!

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2009.04.03 Curtin 190.jpga

Friends, family members and well-wishers snapping away during the group photo session of the 2009 Curtin convocation on April 3. What a night to treasure and remember for the rest of their lives!

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2009.04.03 Curtin 072a

This is one of my favourite photos I took during my son’s convocation pre-shoot on the morning of April 3, 2009 at Curtin.

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As promised, here are some more photos from last night’s convocation. We arrived at the campus around 6:00pm because the graduands needed to be early for a rehearsal before the ceremony commenced.

2009.04.03 Curtin 016

Some tender loving words exchanged between mother and son before going into the hall. The weather was humid; can you see the beads of sweat on his forehead? I love the special moment captured here.ย  From the west, as dusk swiftly set in by the minute, we could see the dimming horizon that added to the bokeh effect of this photo. ๐Ÿ™‚

2009.04.03 Curtin 023

I was astounded by the following photo that was taken without a flash fired. The distance was approximately 30m from the stage. Focal length 85mm, Exposure 1/125s, Aperture F2.8. ISO 320, Exposure Bias 0.00EV, White Balance Auto, Exposure Aperture Priority, Canon EOS 50D.

2009.04.03 Curtin 032

Assembling for a group photo.

2009.04.03 Curtin 184

The moment the graduates had been waiting for; tossing up their mortar boards in the air! ๐Ÿ™‚

2009.04.03 Curtin 191

Proud Mom with her two proud happy sons!

2009.04.03 Curtin 164

With friends. The night will be treasured forever in their hearts. ๐Ÿ™‚

2009.04.03 Curtin 173

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Fun, laughter and warm fellowship are the right choice of words to describe last night’s activity.

My buddy William Law and I attended a welcoming dinner for Curtin students at SMCGC. My two sons are actively serving in Worship and Music ministry at this Christian centre that caters to the needs of both English and Mandarin-speaking congregation.

While waiting the arrival of my Canon EOS 50D, how could I attend a function without a dslr? :p. As the saying goes, when there’s a will, there is a way. My buddy kindly loaned me his new camera to temporarily quench my thirst for digital photography shooting, haha! Here are some of the photos I like. Enjoy!

All shots taken with Nikon D90 with VR Kit lens 18-105mm, ISO 1600, without flash.

SMCGC 060a

SMCGC 053a

SMCGC 104a

SMCGC 089a

SMCGC 106a

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