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IMG_8995Mom and dad #21
Another priceless photo gem of my parents which I’ve gotten from my sister in Singapore during my recent trip. The classic 50’s look is absolutely so cool!

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IMG_8996 Mom and Dad #20
I landed my hands on this precious photo of my Mom and Dad at my sister’s home during my recent visit to Singapore. The photo shows Mom and Dad in their 20s – what a lovely couple!

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2010.03.12 095 #19
I’m not too sure, but I think it was my 17th birthday party at my home. Photo is off-focused but it’s a gem! Many of my friends in the pic are still in contact after 32 years! What a lasting friendship!

2010.03.12 097 birthday #19
Opening up presents – what a joy!

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2010.03.12 082
1977 was the year that I peaked in athletics and sports. Group pic of us from Sacred Heart School with coach Steven Tan (far Left) and Brother Albinus (far right).

During the Inter-Division meet in Kuching, I broke the Long Jump record and was awarded the Best Athlete for Boys B. Following that, Wong Hing (Discus, Div A), Ling Hoe Hung (Discus, Div B) and I (Long Jump, Div B) were selected to represent Sarawak in the MSSM in Alor Setar, Kedah.

2010.03.12 086 Inter-school basketball Champions 1977
We also won the Inter-School Boys B basketball. Those were the days when every secondary male student wanted to keep long hair and own a pair bell-bottoms pants.

And Andy Gibb was everyone’s idol.

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2010.03.12 077
An old newspaper cutting from 1976 which I kept in my album all these years. I was in Form Three when I received a prize (Group B) in Walkaton fund raising for my alma mater.

In the group pic, Mrs. Wong (5S1 Form Teacher Class of 78) was seated at the far right. She too received a prize for fund raising for her tremendous effort.

2010.03.27 013
This was one of my precious two non-sports awards I received during my school days.

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2010.03.12 068
One of my most terrifying ordeal was when my Form Two teacher Mrs. Tiong (nee Lee Sing Hua) made me participate in the Inter-Class Elocution Contest in 1975.

As a young novice in public speaking, there were butterflies in my tummy when I stood on stage at the school hall. I didn’t even have the confidence to invite my family members to attend the function. But strangely I came in third in the Junior category. I remember my classmate Stephen Teo, now a Professor at UWS, came in second and Joachim in Form Three, the champion.

2010.03.12 071
Group pic of the participants. Stephen at front row, 1st right. Das Muthy (back row, 2nd right) was my senior and excellent student in Arts side. If my memory serves me right, Das scored straight As for his “A” Levels which was equivalent to achieving a miracle in those days! Joachim the big guy, was seated at back row, 2nd left. I was at the front row, 2nd from the left.

2010.03.27 008
My precious Third Prize trophy today in my possession, thanks to Mrs. Tiong!

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memory lane series #15

2010.03.12 067
1975 – Sacred Heart School Sibu Inter-house champion was Adrian House (red colour). Can you spot where I was?

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Pic Standing L-R Bro Columba(1), Bro Hyacinth(9), Bro Mark(11). Anyone (except Leonard Sia) who can identify me in the pic will get one week’s free breakfast!

Thanks to James Yong, for this one and only photo I have of my athletics days in St. Joseph’s Kuching.

Taken after the 1974 Inter-School Athletics Meet, the school athletes (not the full team) together the coaches and Principal Bro. Columba at the famous field of St. Joseph’s. The athletes comprised of Divisions A, B and C. I remember I was the reserved High Jumper for Division C (13-14 years old) and for some unknown reason, Benjamin Read was unable to participate and Brother Mark put my name in as the last minute replacement. As a first timer, I was very glad I was placed 5th and earned two points for my school. I also remember Bro. Mark’s indelible comments in my autograph prior to my departure to Sacred Heart School Sibu. His encouragement made a huge impact on my passion in competitive sports in my later years.

During those days in St. Joseph’s one would see the school fields crowded with boys from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. The Seniors always played “taiko” and guided the newcomers. On top of that the Brothers had their own field of expertise. For example, Bro Adrian was the hockey coach and Bro. Hyacinth in badminton. But most of the time all the Brothers were involved in all the school’s extra-curricular activities. Bro. Columba was a hawk and most feared as he would go round the classes catching those who fooled around. Aha… those were the days, :-).

Last night I stumbled upon this recent (and wonderful) photo in James Yong’s blog posting dated Feb 2, 2010:
20090913.Castletown Bro Adrian Columba Mike Chew Bro Mark
L-R Bro. Adrian, Bro. Columba, (Michael Chew- Form 6 1972-3 SJS) and Bro. Mark.

The La Salle Brothers were the true educators in Sarawak, touching and making a difference in the thousands of students under their wings. Bro. Columba and Bro. Albinus were the most dedicated principals we’ll ever find.

Yes, we were the priviledged ones – being at the right place and the right time. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the Brothers who taught us.

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memory lane series #13

2010.03.12 056
By twelve years old, I’ve started to be active in sports.

Pic shows the St. Joseph’s Primary School Kuching basketball team in 1973.

The final match was with Ong Tiang Swee Primary School team which we won easily. We had a strong team with two excellent guard players; the Ngu brothers Simon and Peter from Miri. Our basketball coach (can’t remember his name) was strict and dedicated, and so was our fierce principal the late Mr. Chai Chin Tu who seemed to be everywhere!

Sometimes we would see the presence of the “Men in White Gowns” (the La Salle Brothers from the secondary school – Bro. Columba, Bro. Mark, Bro Adrian, Bro. Hyacinth) during trainings or competitions. Obviously they were already scouting for talents – talking about planning and preparedness!

The La Salle Brothers were the true educators of our time; the model student should be an all-rounder; not only excelling in academic studies.

Pic above shows (L-R) Back row Kho Ho Sia, James Wong, Simon Ngu(Captain), Aikman Teo, Peter Ngu, Lim Beng Tiong. Front row “Ang Kow”, Tan Kok Tiong, Adrian Chew

2010.03.12 057
All smiles after the final match.

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Top pic shows a school outing when we were in Primary 4 or 5. My buddy (right) Francis Ng Thong Hua – by chance I met him in Sibu last Sep after many years of being out of touch. In the centre was Gabriel, I think (forgot his full name).

Bottom pics show I was already sporting a crew cut. Unfortunately (or fortunately) many of my Primary school buddies remember me for my hair style, haha!

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