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Happy New Year everyone!

Here are some random shots taken during my father-in-law’s birthday when we were in Sibu during the Christmas holidays, :p.

2009.12.25 014

2009.12.25 001

2009.12.25 036

2009.12.25 081

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The most import activity we did in Sibu during the recent trip was celebrating my mom-in-law’s 72nd birthday. We had a family dinner at Sheraton Restaurant on the night of June 2nd.

2009.06.03 049a
Mom-in-law beaming with husband and loved ones at her side during dinner. Though she did not express her joy verbally, I could see how pleased mom-in-law was that her children (plus daughter-in-law and son-in-law) and grandchildren returned from outstation to be with her on her birthday.

2009.06.03 081
In fulfilling her duty as the eldest daughter in the Lee family, my wife initiated and planned the dinner with her siblings a few months ago.

2009.06.03 034
My cheerful niece and nephew!

2009.06.03 076
The first dish was of course chicken soup with fried mee suah. Personally I prefer the traditional mee suah with chicken soup.

2009.06.03 085
The hot dish was delicious though the prawn was tiny.

2009.06.03 087
Seafood in pineapple with sweet and sour pork cutlets. Not bad.

2009.06.03 090
This one was new to me. The dumplings were filled with minced pork and deep fried. I found it to be too oily so Roseline used a servette to sponge off the oil.

2009.06.03 089
Glutinous rice in herbal duck – I found the rice a bit too soggy but the duck tasted good.

2009.06.03 091
This freshwater fish was the best dish of all! I think it was Ikan Semah.

2009.06.03 093
After dinner we had the birthday cake at home.

2009.06.03 097
Ah, the blowing of candles.

2009.06.03 103a
My church member William Law helped to take this family photo.

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It was my wife’s birthday yesterday. We celebrated the happy occasion with our fellow cell group members plus another cell group from our church. I wanted to surprise her but after 25 years of marriage my wife knows every trick up my sleeve, :).

🙂 happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…

2009.04.17 008a

Making a wish before blowing out the light.

2009.04.17 009a

Cutting the cake.

2009.04.17 010a

It was a pot bless dinner. In line with the traditional Foochow birthdays, I cooked Kampung Chicken Soup and Mee Suah plus boiled eggs (boiled eggs are compulsory for birthdays). In addition I also cooked Fried Foochow “Ang Chow” Spare Ribs and Mixed Vegetables. On the table were also Steamed Red Snapper (Hong Kong-style), Sweet and Sour Chicken with Baby Bamboo Shoots, Stewed Belly Pork with Mui-Chye, Long Beans and Assorted fruits. As usual we overabundantly prepared the food, :).

2009.04.17 011a

After dinner, we had Praise and Worship followed by a Bible quiz and a short discussion on Moses. Combining the gathering with another cell group gives us the rare opportunity to get to know each other better because the time we spend to fellowship with one another after church service every Sunday is hardly enough.

Here’s our group photo. On behalf of my cell group, my wife and I wish to thank Brother Charles and his members for blessing us last night, :).

2009.04.17 002a

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