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The pioneering volunteers taking a pic with Rev Jabez.

NOV 11, MIRI – As the second semester examinations draw near, Senadin Methodist Preaching Centre (SMPC) members took ownership to cook Love Soup (chicken soup) to a delighted group of more than 160 Curtin undergraduates and guests last evening.

SMPC Seniors serving with a smile.

Pastor-in-charge Rev. Jabez Tiong welcomed everyone in the packed centre. In his opening message, the good shepherd thanked the pioneering batch of church volunteers and praised them for their love toward the students.”Tonight is rather special. I am indeed blessed to say that we now have more members from SMPC than the pioneer volunteers cooking the chicken soup for this event. This is a significant breakthrough for us and I thank God.”

It’s a blessing to serve and be served.

Initiated eight years ago by a Small Group from Grace Methodist Church, the Love Soup is served twice a year before every semester examination. Chicken Soup is traditionally served in Asian families and is known to enhance mental alertness and energy for students in preparation for examinations.

Christian love in action; Methodist missionary Karen Goh.

For SCAC Methodist missionary Karen Goh, it was an eye-opener as she volunteered to serve the Love Soup for the first time. Based in Japan for the past four years, Goh praised SMPC in her short message of encouragement. “Most churches organize in-house fellowship gatherings for their own members but this evening, I could see there are also non-Christian friends present. This is a very good way to conduct outreach to our unchurched friends. Rev Jabez, you have done a great job,” Goh voiced.

The smiles say it all.

“I was very touched tonight. The feeling is the same when Mum cooked chicken soup for me at home in Sekinchan. Though home is far away, I can still have a bowl of love soup that makes me warm. I appreciate it much. This also shows I am not lonely in my university life with everyone in the church caring and loving me. Thanks for sending this love to me,” said Lim Jin En, who is in Year One Accounting.

Uplifting Praise & Worship before the dinner starts.

Roland Soh, a Year One undergraduate taking Bachelor of Technology, was thankful and appreciative of the heartwarming soup. “Unlike the soup sold in the Kopi Tiam, the soup provided is less salty, thus nutritionally good for us. Thanks for the lovely soup and thanks to those who spent time for cooking!”

One for the album!

In closing, a group photo was taken after the end of the dinner to remember the happy event.


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Group wefie for more than 160 pax!

MIRI – Finding the perfect way to spend a birthday can be sometimes difficult but I was absolutely floored last Friday by the warm reception at Senadin Methodist Preaching Centre (SMPC).

It is no secret that my church volunteers and I have serving Love Soup to Curtin University undergraduates since 2010. And last Friday (June 9, my birthday) was coincidentally chosen by SMPC’s Rev Jabez Tiong when he planned the church calendar of activities early this year.

Much to our delight, ten congregational members from SMPC also cooked chicken soup this time! Since this act was unsolicited and unprecedented, we rejoiced to see our ministry bearing charge.

I also had the privilege to invite Rev George Wong, the former Sarawak State Boys’ Brigade Chaplain and his wife to attend the function. The good shepherd delivered a short speech thanking Rev Jabez (the pastor-in-charge) and added that it was a blessing to be part of the Love Soup event for the first time.

Rev Jabez (left) being served by Rev George.

Also attending the event for the first time was Anna Ngan, a Curtin Foundation Year student from Sibu. She shared: “It was very interesting; a nice experience and memorable for me. Even though I don’t like eating meat but still I ate a lot. Thanks to all the uncles and aunties for preparing various types of chicken soup. It’s very delicious and I loved it. Lastly, thanks to my beloved Jesus for making this event successful. Now I have motivation to burn midnight oil to study hard. God bless us, Amen!”

Curtin undergrad Brian Chew from Kuching enjoying the chicken soup.

“Being away from home, the Love Soup brings a taste of delicious home-cooked food for the outstation students. At home, my mother would often prepare nutritious chicken soup before my examination. This Love Soup reminds us that there are people out there who still care for the students,” said Curtin Third Year Mechanical Engineering Stephen Pan.

Look, no more soup left! Photo by Tang Xin Yi.

“I enjoyed the chicken soup very much, and the best part of it was I could try various types of chicken soup. Thanks to uncle and aunties so much for putting effort on this event and reduce homesickness of us. Love to see the satisfied faces with smiles enjoying the nourishing chicken soup! Looking forward to every Love Soup event although that means final exam is coming,” commented Irene Ngu, a Third Year Electrical Engineering Curtin undergraduate from Bintulu.

Their smiles say it all!

Before the Love Soup ended, Irene, who was also the event coordinator, surprised me with a slice of birthday cake with everyone singing the birthday song. 

Never before had I ever felt the sheer joy of serving others on my birthday as fulfilling as this one. It was then a singular moment to express a lifetime of gratitude and glorifying Christ Jesus!

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