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2009.06.03 293a
Playing to a packed Sanctuary of 1500 people, she remained composed and flawless during the opening session of the 9th Methodist Convention.

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2009.06.03 104b
Nostalgia swept over us as my wife and I recently patronized this old Liang Yew coffeeshop which is situated opposite Masland Methodist Church Sibu. The last time we were there for their famous kolo mee was in the 80s. Nothing much has changed; except the boss and I have aged, :).

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2009.06.03 047a
A humbling sight as Sibu Mayor Datuk Tiong Thai King (pic – in white shirt) was hands on with the final seating arrangement in Masland Methodist Church on the day before the 9th Methodist Convention commenced. Unknown to the Mayor, I photographed him from the mezzanine floor. 🙂

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During our trip to Sibu, my wife and I visited Masland Methodist Church on June 2, a day before the big convention commenced. Having gone through massive expansion and renovations for the past few years, the century-old church is one of the distinguished landmarks in Sarawak.

2009.06.03 002a
What a magnificent facade!

2009.06.03 044a
To preserve its rich history, the church’s main doors remained unchanged.

2009.06.03 010a
Stepping into the Holy Sanctuary gives us a deep sense of God’s grace.

2009.06.03 020a
There are also balcony seats along both sides on Level One. The seats on the ground floor are temporary because the wooden pews are not ready yet.

2009.06.03 063a
For effective functionality, the large TV screen serves those in the pulpit area. Towards the end section you will notice the mezzanine floor with wooden pews. Overhead lies the glass skylight that allows natural light to shine into the Sanctuary. Good design, :).

2009.06.03 035a
The array of coloured lights creates a soothing and peaceful ambience.

2009.06.03 066a
Central to the church’s beautiful design is the huge majestic Cross suspended from the ceiling.

2009.06.03 051a
Much gratitude and thanks to SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann for the guided tour despite his busy schedule.

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2009.06.03 245a

Bishop Rev. Dr. Hwa Yung officiating the opening ceremony at the SCAC Board of Laity – 9th Methodist Convention. My wife and I were among the 1500 people who attended the opening session yesterday morning (June 3rd) at the newly-renovated Masland Methodist Church, Sibu.

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