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Wah … I woke up this morning to find that this blog has passed 10,000 hits! Since Jan Shim of Brunei encouraged convinced me to migrate from Blogspot to WordPress three and a half months ago, I must confess I’ve got no regrets – in fact I’m glad I was not stubborn to stay put at Blogspot. You see, at my “cow” age I don’t like to unlearn and learn new things. Eg, switching from Nokia to Sony Ericsson handphone is something I’d be reluctant to do, haha.

I also realized that maintaining an interesting blog with a steady readership is so difficult. The contents must have quality and that’s the challenging part. From the beginning, the number of visitors was around 40 each day and now it’s averaging between 100 – 200. What can I say – except thanks so much to you all!

Now for some updates of what’s happening on this weekend.

Tonight, my Small Group members are attending SMCGC’s 6th Anniversary Celebration at Imperial Hotel. There will be some performances but tonight is going to be really special because my Small Group is presenting! Ssh… I’m not allowed to say more.

On Sunday, the Social Concerns Ministry of my church shall be involved with a Health Screening activity at Senadin township – we are hoping that many people will turn out for the free eye testings, taking of blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Before wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead, here’s an awesome clip from Ally McBeal to set your mood on the right track. Cheers and Happy Father’s Day!


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Welcome guys, this is my first posting on wordpress! The ones before this post were imported (conveniently with the click of a button) from my old blogspot!

And thanks to Jan Shim who alerted me last night that jameswong.wordpress.com was still available! It’s true and I just couldn’t believe it was not taken by another james wong somewhere out there, haha! I had earlier signed up jameswongmalaysia.wordpress.com and I guess I’ll be happy to just leave it dormant.

How could I ever thank you enough, Jan? Hey – lunch at Excapade is on me when we meet in Seria, ok?

Another person who encouraged me to migrate to wordpress is Roland Lim all the way from Hong Kong. You can find my post about the maverick “king” of Canon here in my previous blog .

I’m now in unfamiliar wordpress territory – it may take weeks for a slow cow  like me to re-learn the new platform! I really feel disoriented when I browse through the dashboard.

Is there anybody out there who can guide me? xD

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