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Unboxing Tokyo Banana

It’s my first time tasting the famous Tokyo Banana sponge cake, all thanks to my classmate Philip Teng!

Late last month, Philip (who works in Siberia), was flying back to Sibu when he had a stopover at Narita Airport.

I’m truly touched with this gift as Philip and I have known each other since 37 years ago when we were in Form Six, Sacred Heart School, Sibu.

Each piece is shaped like a banana and filled with banana custard made with real banana.

I read that it’s really hard to find Tokyo Banana outside of Japan because they only last for a maximum of 1 week and best consumed within 2 days of purchase. The sponge cakes are fluffy filled with cream made from strained banana puree to give you the natural banana flavor. 

Quite out of this world, I can feel the cake melting in my mouth when I took the first bite.

Thanks a bunch, Philip, and God bless you!


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