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Last night my Small Group hosted a farewell gathering in honour of our outgoing Pastor-in-charge.

Early next year Rev. Law Hui Seng will be leaving Grace Methodist Church to further his studies at the Sabah Theological Seminary, Kota Kinabalu.

Clearly a man after God’s heart, Rev. Law will further develop his gift in the Bahasa Malaysia (BM) language.

With the intent of becoming a good role model to the BM congregations, Rev. Law will undertake his Master’s degree covering cultural barriers and the making of matured discipleship among the indigenous people.

More than 30 church members and guests were present including Pastor Connie Yong and her husband Pastor Wong Lik Kai, my church’s Chairman Michael Lee and his wife Michelle.

We also invited the Sunday School carolers from our church for the joyful occasion. Praise Lord for their wonderful singing and glad tidings!

Each Christmas carol received an enthusiastic applause from us!

IMG_0518 group
Here’s a memorable group photo for the album!

Do enjoy the video we made to appreciate our loving and dedicated shepherd.

Pastor Law has been our church for the past nine years and more than often we take for granted that he will be with us forever.

Thank you dear Pastor for all you have done for us. From our Small Group we wish you well and leave you with this verse from Numbers 6:4,

The Lord bless and keep you.

Remember we’re just a phone call away so keep in touch often!

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Wedding bells rang in Sibu recently for Connie Yong, my church’s Pastor.

Last Saturday evening she and her husband, Pastor Wong Lik Kai hosted an informal gathering for their friends and well-wishers at PermyJaya Methodist Church, Miri.

Now in her third year, Connie has been the Pastor-in-charge of SMCGC, a centre planted by my church catering mostly to the spiritual needs of students in Curtin University at Senadin.

I wish Pastor Connie and Pastor Lik Kai much joy, love and good health as they begin their journey as lifelong partners serving many.

IMG_7289 Ps Connie smile
The sweet smile from the newlywed bride says it all!

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Last night my wife and I attended the welcoming dinner (for English-speaking Fellowship group) for new and current students of Curtin at SMCGC as the second semester of the year has commenced.

My two sons are also active serving in SMCGC and that motivates us even more to visit them as long as an opportunity arises, :).

Here are some of my fav photos to share:

2009.08.01 044
Self-introduction before the ice-breaker started.

2009.08.01 085
Interestingly the ice-breaking game was “Fingers Maths”. Two opponents hide their hands behind their backs. Upon showing their fingers of both hands at a strike, each opponent has to answer correctly according to prior instructions given. This exciting game is not easy as the variables can be many!

2009.08.01 080

My sons also had fun challenging each other!

2009.08.01 081
The shepherd of SMCGC, Pastor Connie Yong (in dark blouse) enjoying herself while the game continued.

2009.08.01 061
Of course the young Pastor also joined in the fun!

2009.08.01 075
This one is definitely my fav!

2009.08.01 032
No gathering can be complete without a group photo, :).

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In the blink of an eye, the first half of the year came and went!

Last night Pastor Connie Yong visited my Small Group. We “booked” the young and dedicated shepherd six months ago (how time flies) when we first planned the activities schedule for our group. Her topic “How to do Devotional” effectively helped us to understand and plan better in our spiritual walk.

Two children of our members who were back from Kuala Lumpur for their semester break also joined us. We were also delighted to welcome two church members Peter and his wife Teresa, who dropped by for the first time.

2009.07.03 001a
Pastor Connie helping a hearing-impaired member to find a Bible verse.

2009.07.03 011ab
The good shepherd used Powerpoint slides to benefit our hearing-impaired members.

2009.07.03 007a
My wife used Sign Language to communicate with the hearing-impaired members who were present.

2009.07.03 022a
The setting was informal – we enjoyed learning from Pastor Connie’s sharing. For the first time an invited speaker to our Small Group divided us into five groups and assigned us to do some discussion for a subsequent task, :).

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