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Having taken up photography as a serious hobby, I’m now inclined to be more consciously considerate when it comes to shooting in public, thanks to Garry after he saw me enthusiastically taking photos in my church on a few previous occasions.

Uncle James, in my church in KL, I’m not allowed to take photos in an obtrusive manner. The Pastor won’t allow it,” Garry told me when we were having teh tarik one evening. If shooting is required, then the photographer must not be prominent, he added. A noob in photography and ignorant about basic etiquette, I was caught off-guard and at the same time grateful to Garry for letting me know the common trap many newcomers fall into. Thanks Garry, really appreciate you, :).

So I decided to learn. Whether pros or hobbyists, basic rules and common sense should prevail, :).

I googled photography etiquette.

Ah, over 5 million related articles on it!

Then I stumbled upon this article Wedding Photography Etiquette by Grace Tan of Integricity Visuals. I enjoyed reading it – v. useful tips for pros and the clients.

I also enjoyed reading another article on When, and when not to shoot by WPJA photographer Michael Barber. The award-winning photo by him (see below) using the proverbial Hail Mary shot – whereby a bride was shimmying up into her descending wedding gown. I can only say, Wow – what a priceless shot! 🙂


Photo credit – Michael Barber

Here are some of the basic pointers I’ve learned so far (sourced from here):

  • Do not block someone else’s view of the event
  • Never be rude
  • Ask ahead of time for permission
  • Do not put yourself or anyone else in danger by your actions
  • Do not expect special treatment
  • When in doubt, ask (I like this one)
  • Do not get in the way of the pros

What about your personal encounter? Any awkward situations that you were thrown into? Care to share? 🙂


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