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During my recent visit to Sibu, I took the opportunity to drop by one morning at Xin Fu Yuan, Brooke Drive to take a look at their Praise Dancers. This church is well-known for their team of dynamic instructors. Last June they successfully hosted a Praise Dance Convention with a participation of hundreds of Praise Dancers from all over Sarawak.

2009.08.24 099

The exercise regime was held in the void deck of an adjacent building next to the Sanctuary. I thought this was great because come rain or shine, the people could still attend.

2009.08.24 046
All who attended were ladies.

2009.08.24 021
The instructor on duty that morning was Madam Goh, wife of Rev. Jonathan Wong. She’s an excellent instructor with lots of patience.

2009.08.24 028
There were other instructors present too.

2009.08.24 052
What a nice pose from the instructors!

2009.08.24 054
They even agreed to do a jumping shot for my camera!

Praise dance schedule at Xin Fu Yuan are as follows:

Mon – 8:15am
Tue – 7:30pm
Thu – 8:15am
Fri – 8:15am

Admission is free. Exercise regime is one hour. If you are in Sibu, why not drop by one day to try out? You won’t be disappointed, I promise! :p

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This is the last of the Sibu Praise Dance series I’ll be posting.

About seven hundred people attended the dinner and dance on the night of June 1st. The occasion was graced by Sibu Mayor Datuk Tiong Thai King and wife Datin Mrs Tiong. Also present were SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann and wife, SCAC Lay Leader Mr Hii Ching Chiong and wife and Pastor Rev. Wong Kai Ho.

2009.06.01 147
Praise Dance Founder Ng Mei Yun adjusting the hat for the ladies from Miri before their presentation. I was touched by her gesture of motherly love, :).

2009.06.01 150
The team from Miri!

2009.06.01 165
Seeing my wife happy really made my day!

2009.06.01 185
Happy 4th Anniversary to Praise Dance in Sarawak! It was first introduced in Miri in 2005.

2009.06.01 230
The Sibu Praise Dancers were absolutely awesome!

2009.06.01 234
Even President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann could not resist photographing the Sibu dancers, haha!

2009.06.01 260
Datin Mrs Tiong presenting the Tupperware hamper to the first prize winning table. Instead of an individual winning a prize, all the prizes drawn were according to the table numbers. Nice change, :).

2009.06.01 271
These kids kicked up a storm when they performed – they almost stole the show for the night! Well done children and the teacher (pic-far right) did a fantastic job!

2009.06.01 315
Ng Mei Yun gave a beautiful and sincere thank you speech.

2009.06.01 335
Sibu Mayor Datuk Tiong Thai King presenting the appreciation gift to Ng Mei Yun.

2009.06.01 383
The closing song and dance – it was very emotional as everyone participated.

2009.06.01 402
Wah, this was a nice surprising performance from the men!

2009.06.01 411
This photo is special! The three ladies Wendy, Jenny and Roseline from our church Grace Methodist Miri taking a group photo with Rev. Dr. Su and wife, and the Taiwanese.

2009.06.01 423
Kudos to the Sibu team – they have done a brilliant job! Looking forward to the next big Praise Dance in the future.

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The Praise Dance training continued on the following morning from 8:00 am to noon (June 1st) at Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church. I was impressed that the church has such a well-equipped Multi-Purpose hall covering three badminton courts, :).

2009.06.01 129
Teacher Ng Mei Yun wasted no time in sharing her expertise. At her age, she has more energy than me. Sigh.

2009.06.01 088
Teacher and Assistant Teacher on stage.

2009.06.01 021
See the joy on their faces! Need I say more?

2009.06.01 074
I was amazed how these dancers could remember all the steps and movements! Certainly I couldn’t, haha!

2009.06.01 034
Yes, that’s the right way, the Assistant Teacher from Taiwan encouraged.

2009.06.01 114
See how I do it, the Assistant Teacher from Taiwan reminded the participants.

2009.06.01 061
Can you see the beads of sweat on her forehead?

2009.06.01 132
Photographing them for three sessions has made me appreciate Praise Dance even more. On the surface it may appear like a form of exercise that is beneficial to health. But deeper than that, I would say the strong bond and fellowship cultivated among the Praise Dancers are truly borderless and priceless. Don’t just take my word for it – just join one group and tell us about your experience a year later, :).

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One hundred and eighty instructors throughout Sarawak signed up for the intensive Praise Dance training on May 31st. The training was held at the Sports Hall in SMB Methodist Sibu. I was able to snap some photos during the three hours refresher by Taiwan Praise Dance founder Ng Mei Yun.
2009.05.31 034
A group pose before the training started.

2009.05.31 059
The training began. It was a refresher as Ng Mei Yun clarified steps which caused some confusion.

2009.05.31 065
The Taiwanese assistant of Ng Mei Yun (with headband) giving tips on expression.

2009.05.31 093
The dedicated teacher.

2009.05.31 087
View from another angle.

2009.05.31 100
During the break my wife chatted with a friend whom she has lost contact for over twenty years!

2009.05.31 099
The training continued after the break.

2009.05.31 108
The assistant teacher from Taiwan showing the proper posture.

2009.05.31 138
Ng Mei Yun gave a sharing before the training ended for the day.

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We arrived in Sibu on Saturday (May 30th) in time for the Praise Dance performance at the Gateway. With the Taiwan Praise Dance founder Ng Mei Yun and her two assistants, I estimated there were about five hundred participants including those from outstation. The atmosphere was electrifying with anticipation of a fun time ahead!

2009.05.30 035
The Gateway is an open square catering to multi-purpose use. The gathering of such a huge number of Praise Dancers at one spot definitely made the free and popular exercise it a high profile event.

2009.05.30 049
The Organizing Chairlady was Lau Sie Poh (pic). She and her team are from Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church. I applaud them for doing such a fantastic job! Organizing such a big scale event is not easy so two thumbs up to them!

2009.05.30 053
The opening number caught me by surprise. I was much impressed with their creativity when the Sibu Praise Dancers presented their own unique version of welcome – wow! What a pity – I should have videoed it! My wife and church member Wendy (see pic) were among the hundreds who enjoyed the opening song and dance.

2009.05.30 069
SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann was there to grace the opening ceremony. He candidly asked, “How many of you men out there are Praise Dancers – please raise your hands?” This was because men are always reluctant to participate though the Praise Dance exercise is open to both genders.

2009.05.30 080
The Praise Dance “Sarawak Convention” (May 30 – June 1) was declared open.

Here are some of  the highlights of the one hour show. The lead instructor on stage was 74-year-“young” music teacher and founder Ng Mei Yun.

2009.05.30 116
2009.05.30 136
2009.05.30 131
2009.05.30 113
2009.05.30 138
2009.05.30 122

Look at the sky – heavy downpour was reported to have started in other parts of Sibu already. But believe it or not, the threatening dark clouds held on the rain until the event was over, :).

It was an evening my wife and I will treasure and remember.

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Continuing from yesterday’s post, here are some more images from the Sports Day.

Our team’s march pass. Look at the beautiful sky!

Sports day 2009.05.01 036

My wife was one of the Praise Dance performers.

Sports day 2009.05.01 039

What a magnificent poise from the Praise Dance ladies!

Sports day 2009.05.01 085

Everyone joining in the Praise Dance as a warming-up session!

Sports day 2009.05.01 062

It’s amazing that without any practice we managed to get a Silver medal for the penalty shootout. My youngest son scoring, :).

Sports day 2009.05.01 096 abel

Our ladies team won a Bronze medal in the tug-of-war. So proud of them, :).

Sports day 2009.05.01 117

Family, :).

Sports day 2009.05.01 128

Overall we had a great time of fun and fellowship with everyone!

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