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If you have noticed why my blog hasn’t been updated recently, it was because I was away in Sibu for nine days. Ha, I was on a mission to re-connect my peers from the Sacred Heart Class of ’78 (Form Five).

I also took the opportunity to attend Sunday service (Aug 23) at the newly-renovated Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church at Brooke Drive. In conjunction with their 40th Anniversary, the church held a banquet at the Centennial Hall of my Alma Mater.

Here are some of my favourite shots taken randomly. Enjoy, :p.

2009.08.23 105
The Praise and Worship team in the morning service. They were fantastic!

2009.08.23 144
The choir members in the morning service were so angelic, :p.

2009.08.23 033
Choir boy praying during the church morning service.

2009.08.23 142
SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann at the evening celebration.

2009.08.23 364
The Ladies Group performing a beautiful dance.

2009.08.23 252
Another awesome performance by the Ladies Group.

2009.08.23 085
Outstanding singing from the choir members! I’m much impressed by the dedication of the church conductor Madam Loi.

2009.08.23 137
I like this photo so much! I’m speechless, :p.

2009.08.23 101
The young ones were amazing!

2009.08.23 168
The Xin Fu Yuan top-notch Praise Dance team. Many are instructors at church.

2009.08.23 118
Happy 40th Anniversary to Xin Fu Yuan!

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An informal dinner was hosted at a leading hotel by the LCEC (Local Church Executive Committee) of Gan En Church when the SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann arrived in Miri on last Saturday evening.

Among those who also present were LCEC members and Pastor Chan Jing Mei of Tudan Methodist Church, Ting Kong Yu the Lay Leader of Miri District Methodist Churches and Rev. Esther Law, District Superintendent of Miri District Methodist Churches.

On the following day, President Rev. Dr. Su’s itinerary was to officiate the groundbreaking ceremony of Gan En Church’s proposed building extension.

2009.08.08 057a
Group photo taken at the hotel’s restaurant.

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2009.08.09 120
Thick haze enveloped the whole of Miri as my wife and I drove towards Riam yesterday morning.

The time was around eight and visibility was really poor.

But by no means our spirit was dampened as we eagerly looked forward to the groundbreaking ceremony of the proposed building extension to its parsonage and Sunday School class of Gan En Methodist Church.

The SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann was invited from Sibu to officiate the blessed occasion.

2009.08.09 016
Upon arrival at the site, we saw the Pastor-in-charge, Rev. Yii Kah Ching briefing President Rev. Dr. Su.

2009.08.09 023
Commencement of ceremony.

2009.08.09 052
Pastors and church leaders gathering together.

2009.08.09 055
A small group of the congregation present.

2009.08.09 032
Rev. Esther Law, District Superintendent of Miri Methodist Churches lead in the opening prayer.

2009.08.09 038
Ting Kong Yu, District Lay Leader of Miri Methodist Churches reading a passage from the Bible.

2009.08.09 045
Rev. Yii Kah Ching of Gan En Methodist Church reciting a responsive prayer.

2009.08.09 087
President Rev. Dr. Su saying a prayer to uphold the project to God prior to the groundbreaking.

2009.08.09 084
Singing a joyous thanksgiving hymn together.

2009.08.09 071
President Rev. Dr. Su being showed how to operate the excavator.

2009.08.09 073
There it was – the symbolic first shovel into the ground.

2009.08.09 106
This group photo is one for the album!

Our heartiest congratulations to Gan En Methodist Church on reaching another blessed milestone!

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This is the last of the Sibu Praise Dance series I’ll be posting.

About seven hundred people attended the dinner and dance on the night of June 1st. The occasion was graced by Sibu Mayor Datuk Tiong Thai King and wife Datin Mrs Tiong. Also present were SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann and wife, SCAC Lay Leader Mr Hii Ching Chiong and wife and Pastor Rev. Wong Kai Ho.

2009.06.01 147
Praise Dance Founder Ng Mei Yun adjusting the hat for the ladies from Miri before their presentation. I was touched by her gesture of motherly love, :).

2009.06.01 150
The team from Miri!

2009.06.01 165
Seeing my wife happy really made my day!

2009.06.01 185
Happy 4th Anniversary to Praise Dance in Sarawak! It was first introduced in Miri in 2005.

2009.06.01 230
The Sibu Praise Dancers were absolutely awesome!

2009.06.01 234
Even President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann could not resist photographing the Sibu dancers, haha!

2009.06.01 260
Datin Mrs Tiong presenting the Tupperware hamper to the first prize winning table. Instead of an individual winning a prize, all the prizes drawn were according to the table numbers. Nice change, :).

2009.06.01 271
These kids kicked up a storm when they performed – they almost stole the show for the night! Well done children and the teacher (pic-far right) did a fantastic job!

2009.06.01 315
Ng Mei Yun gave a beautiful and sincere thank you speech.

2009.06.01 335
Sibu Mayor Datuk Tiong Thai King presenting the appreciation gift to Ng Mei Yun.

2009.06.01 383
The closing song and dance – it was very emotional as everyone participated.

2009.06.01 402
Wah, this was a nice surprising performance from the men!

2009.06.01 411
This photo is special! The three ladies Wendy, Jenny and Roseline from our church Grace Methodist Miri taking a group photo with Rev. Dr. Su and wife, and the Taiwanese.

2009.06.01 423
Kudos to the Sibu team – they have done a brilliant job! Looking forward to the next big Praise Dance in the future.

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We arrived in Sibu on Saturday (May 30th) in time for the Praise Dance performance at the Gateway. With the Taiwan Praise Dance founder Ng Mei Yun and her two assistants, I estimated there were about five hundred participants including those from outstation. The atmosphere was electrifying with anticipation of a fun time ahead!

2009.05.30 035
The Gateway is an open square catering to multi-purpose use. The gathering of such a huge number of Praise Dancers at one spot definitely made the free and popular exercise it a high profile event.

2009.05.30 049
The Organizing Chairlady was Lau Sie Poh (pic). She and her team are from Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church. I applaud them for doing such a fantastic job! Organizing such a big scale event is not easy so two thumbs up to them!

2009.05.30 053
The opening number caught me by surprise. I was much impressed with their creativity when the Sibu Praise Dancers presented their own unique version of welcome – wow! What a pity – I should have videoed it! My wife and church member Wendy (see pic) were among the hundreds who enjoyed the opening song and dance.

2009.05.30 069
SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann was there to grace the opening ceremony. He candidly asked, “How many of you men out there are Praise Dancers – please raise your hands?” This was because men are always reluctant to participate though the Praise Dance exercise is open to both genders.

2009.05.30 080
The Praise Dance “Sarawak Convention” (May 30 – June 1) was declared open.

Here are some of  the highlights of the one hour show. The lead instructor on stage was 74-year-“young” music teacher and founder Ng Mei Yun.

2009.05.30 116
2009.05.30 136
2009.05.30 131
2009.05.30 113
2009.05.30 138
2009.05.30 122

Look at the sky – heavy downpour was reported to have started in other parts of Sibu already. But believe it or not, the threatening dark clouds held on the rain until the event was over, :).

It was an evening my wife and I will treasure and remember.

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During our trip to Sibu, my wife and I visited Masland Methodist Church on June 2, a day before the big convention commenced. Having gone through massive expansion and renovations for the past few years, the century-old church is one of the distinguished landmarks in Sarawak.

2009.06.03 002a
What a magnificent facade!

2009.06.03 044a
To preserve its rich history, the church’s main doors remained unchanged.

2009.06.03 010a
Stepping into the Holy Sanctuary gives us a deep sense of God’s grace.

2009.06.03 020a
There are also balcony seats along both sides on Level One. The seats on the ground floor are temporary because the wooden pews are not ready yet.

2009.06.03 063a
For effective functionality, the large TV screen serves those in the pulpit area. Towards the end section you will notice the mezzanine floor with wooden pews. Overhead lies the glass skylight that allows natural light to shine into the Sanctuary. Good design, :).

2009.06.03 035a
The array of coloured lights creates a soothing and peaceful ambience.

2009.06.03 066a
Central to the church’s beautiful design is the huge majestic Cross suspended from the ceiling.

2009.06.03 051a
Much gratitude and thanks to SCAC President Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann for the guided tour despite his busy schedule.

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One of the activities we enjoyed during our church camp at Rainforest was trekking to explore what nature has to offer. Before starting off, we assembled at the sports hall for a safety briefing and did some warming-up exercises.

Here are some of the photos.

2009.05.08 230a

2009.05.08 221a

2009.05.08 226a

We boarded this tram for our first ride to the farm.

2009.05.08 248a

This was one of the areas of the domestic animals farm. The sight itself was reminiscent of my childhood days when everyone in my neighbourhood reared poultry, :).

2009.05.08 269a

A signage showing the various species of fish found in the large reservoir. But no fishing allowed here, :(. The photo also shows a path that was specially constructed for foot reflexology – I’m impressed!

2009.05.08 273a

Pausing for a pose!

2009.05.08 278a

This spot is the highest altitude of the resort . You can see thousands of acres of oil palm and lush forests stretching to beyond the horizon. We missed the sunset (the guide mentioned it’s awesome) because we were there too early (4:00pm).

2009.05.08 289a

The sun was blazing hot as we approached the reservoir that rears primarily Patin fish.

2009.05.08 295a

Waiting to cross the reservoir – life vest is compulsory for all on board.

2009.05.08 296a

An interesting exchange of questions and answers in progress. With an enquiring mind, Ronald kept addressing my wife as “Officer” as he’s in the Boys’ Brigade that Roseline is serving.

2009.05.08 315a

We reached land. While waiting for our ride to arrive, I suggested taking a group photo.

2009.05.08 320a

Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann obviously enjoying the tour and (himself), :).

2009.05.08 324a

The ladies at the entrance of the path leading to the waterfall.

2009.05.08 329a

Our last stop was the waterfall – a disappointment because it was a “midget”. The guide said, “Sorry, no rain for the past week.” But I was rewarded with this opportunity – using this angle I was able to shoot at the luminous rays breaking through from the thick canopy above. Wow – I’ve never taken this kind of shot before, with such sharp details and beautiful composition – a first for me! I’m so pleased, :).

2009.05.08 334a

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Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann, President of the Methodist Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC) at the Rainforest Grace Methodist Church camp. His talk “Spreading Scriptural Holiness & Transforming the Nation” was segmented over three sessions and well-received by the participants.

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We gathered at church on Friday night to attend the opening talk by Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann.

The Praise and Worship by the young adults.

2009.05.08 026a

2009.05.08 022a

The photo below was deliberately processed with noise (grainy texture), :).

2009.05.08 017a

A rare glimpse of the humble Rev. Dr. Su in his quiet time. The photo was also deliberately processed with noise (grainy texture).

2009.05.08 029a

Rev. Dr. Su delivering his talk. Personally I’ve never experienced such an enriching Christian session before. I’m grateful.

2009.05.08 005a

2009.05.08 044a

Taking notes.

2009.05.08 043a

The evening concluded with the camp’s final briefing. Light refreshments were also being served.

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2009.05.08 538a

An emotional moment between mother and son captured during the Grace Methodist Church camp yesterday. Initiated by the camp’s invited speaker Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ann, President of the Methodist Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC), my eldest son was asked to organize an impromptu performance by the youths to honour their parents. Thereafter the youths hugged their parents – the experience, to say the least, was priceless, :).

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