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Wife bakes cake for Rev. Winnie.

THE METHODISTS in Sarawak traditionally hold the Pastors’ Appreciation Sunday in the month of June. This is usually done during a Sunday Worship service when pastors would take a break and together with the congregation, listen to a guest or Lay preacher preach. Towards the end of the service, a simple presentation of cake-cutting or gift of flower bouquets would follow. Sometimes snippets of appreciation from the pew are read out too.

Last evening, my wife and I had the opportunity to appreciate two pastors dear to us. When informed of Rev. Winnie Lau’s invitation to a hotpot dinner, Roseline decided to bake a cake to appreciate the former and also one for Rev. Lisa Ting whom we knew would be attending too.

Another cake for Rev. Lisa.

Rev. Lisa, presently the pastor-in-charge of Sibu Wesley Methodist Church, had served in my former church in Miri. During her 4-year tenure, Rev. Lisa was a good shepherd to all. She loved her congregation. I remember when a bereaved fellow church member lost her husband in Kuching, Rev. Lisa took a flight there to console her. Rev. Lisa was overjoyed when a church brother’s ailing dad accepted Christ and wept when he passed away shortly after baptism. Applying a collective leadership style, Rev. Lisa was a strong supporter in the church’s ministries and encouraged church leaders to attend courses to deepen their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. She was an ardent supporter of The Boys’ Brigade and encouraged my family members as we served in the Love Soup and Tudan Christmas outreach together with our team of church volunteers.

Enjoying cooking with the hotpot.

A pastor at Sibu Zion Methodist Church, Rev. Winnie is our new but very close relative. She addresses Roseline and I as ‘Qing Mu’ and ‘Qing Jia’ because her youngest sister Tina is our daughter-in-law. Roseline and I were very touched when Rev. Winnie insisted on treating us to dinner. I told my wife that it should be us giving the treat but the good pastor wouldn’t hear of it!

Rev. Lisa serves the garnishing.

In the midst of our fellowship dinner, it dawned upon me that these two young pastors shall be in the future team of leaders leading Sarawak Methodists. Listening to their conversation on church-related ministries, I thank God for their humility and servant leadership.

One for the album!

Last Wednesday, I also met up with Rev. Sii Hee Tiong, the Field Director of SCAC Missions Board. Wanting to get feedback on his ministry from a congregational member, Rev. Sii asked me questions and received frank answers.

I commend these three fine pastors. All glory to God!


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