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After three months of preparation and sleepless nights, my class reunion came and went by – just like that.

From London to New York, the Class of 78 students are scattered all over the globe.

One teacher from Houston even made the trip back just to attend our inaugural reunion.

132 former students from Form 5 (Sacred Heart School, Sibu) including 17 ex-teachers and invited guests were re-connected again after a long thirty-one years.

For many, it was a first of all sorts.

And if you were there, you could feel the rekindling of the La Sallian spirit becoming alive.

Here are some of my fav pics, :p.

Teachers meeting each other again after many years. This happened on the eve of the reunion when the students and teachers met up for drinks.

The girls from our neighbouring school, St. Elizabeth’s. They too had a pre-reunion meet-up at the same venue. The Class of 78 girls seized the opportunity to hold a hi-tea the next day because several of their peers (who studied in Form Six in my school) returned to Sibu to attend our reunion. We had also extended our invitation to the students of Form Three (1976) and Form Six (1979-1980). Don’t they look fabulous for their age, haha?!

2009.11.28 Reunion nite jw 097 Wong Ling Hung
This pic is priceless! Snapped by my wife, it shows my classmate in a jolly mood. Though losing his sight 25 years ago, my classmate in a way became an inspiration to all of us despite his visual inadequacy.

2009.11.28 Reunion nite jw 239
The closing song anchored the memory of the evening in our minds forever.

2009.11.28 Reunion nite jw 188
Three classmates reunited after 31 years. On my right was my classmate who’s now residing in New York. Two months ago I communicated with him through FaceBook asking him to buy a souvenir from NY for my classmate on my left (with the famous NY Yankees cap) as a surprise gift. Now why would I do that? Because he knew I was burdened with the task of being the Event Coordinator and hence he often called to give encouragement. He also generously sponsored the whole event. Several individuals also generously donated RM20,000 to Brother Albinus’ passion, La Sallian Rural Education Service and RM8,000 to our Alma Mater’s computer lab.

Certainly it was a night worth waiting for 31 years, won’t you say so? :p

More pics can be viewed here:

SHS Class of 78 Reunion Night

And more pics albums here.


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Sibu’s Sacred Heart School legendary teachers Mrs. Wong and Judy Wong were in town last Friday.

The Class of ’78 (Form 5) students residing in Miri played host to their teachers and spouses.

For many it was a re-connection after 31 years! Mrs. Wong and her husband specially flew in from Texas to attend the Class of ’78 Inaugural Reunion (in Sibu, Nov 28).

The time we shared was simply wonderful. Enjoy the pics, :p.

2009.11.20-21 002 Dinner at Hakka2
Well, it looks like the reunion has already begun!

2009.11.20-21 004 Dinner at Hakka
Chatting, chatting and chatting.

2009.11.20-21 024 Principal Lawrence Wong and Roseline
Incidentally Mr. Lawrence Wong (husband of Mrs. Wong) was my wife’s principal in Ling Chu Ming School.

2009.11.20-21 033 Roseline and Mrs Wong
Mrs. Wong and Mrs. Wong, :p.

2009.11.20-21 038 Dinner at Hakka3
Warm fellowship.

2009.11.20-21 023 pic at hakka restaurant1
This photo is definitely one for the album!

2009.11.20-21 043 breakfast at yakin2
The following day – breakfast at a food centre.

2009.11.20-21 050 Petronas Museum3
A visit to the Petronas Museum, catching a glimpse of the city and the sea from the hilltop.

2009.11.20-21 055 Tanjung Seafood3
By pure chance we met Joseph Wong’s (5S2) dad (in gray checkered shirt) at a seafood restaurant during dinner, :p. Joseph will be flying back from Perth this Wednesday to attend the reunion too!

2009.11.20-21 060 Tanjung Seafood5
Another pic for the album.

Our dear teachers’ visit has certainly uplifted our spirits and getting us warmed-up for the big gathering on this Sat!

Thank you dear teachers, :p.

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Seasons in the sun Outdoor

Have you ever come across a photo that sweeps you back to the past?

It happened to me this morning as I browsed the folder of old photos my school mates have emailed me. This particular one from Lawrence Ling stands out so prominently; the more I look at the pic, the more I love it! This photo is a classic! It reminds me of the days when we had no worries. It also reminds me of the song “Seasons in the sun” by Terry Jacks (a big hit when we were in Form One in 1974).

In case the song doesn’t ring a bell, fret not! We have the YouTube vid here to refresh your memory, :p.

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Much to my surprise and delight, I received a call from my school mate from Sacred Heart Sibu yesterday evening. Chia Ah Fook, a year my junior (Class of 79) was in town with our beloved principal Brother Albinus O’Flaherty. It was wonderful to catch up with the Brother Director again after so many years!

Bro Albinus 2009.29.01 042
With Brother Albinus. Except for myself, the rest of my school mates are from Class of 79.

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Many of you will notice why I have been inactive in my blog. Since my Class of ’78 reunion fever started two months ago, my time has been monopolized by it! I’m now blogging in Sibu and for the past ten days I’ve been here tying up the loose ends before the big day arrives.

Here’s the invitation teaser. Enjoy! :p

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2009.07.25 010a blog
During my Class of ’78 mini reunion at JW Marriot Miri last Saturday, I chanced upon some of my church members attending their good friend’s birthday party. This is one of the fav photos taken by me – surely this one is for the album? Happy birthday Jackie! Like they say, age is just a number, :).

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Last night was an awesome night of school days nostalgia as eight from the Class of ’78 Sacred Heart, Sibu gathered for a mini reunion at JW Marriot, Miri. It was definitely a trip down the memory lane.

The Class of ’78 (Form 5) all “boys” gathering was the first of its kind organized in Miri. Many of us have not met each other for years (since 1978 or 1980)! One even flew in all the way from Lawas just to join the gathering!

2009.07.25 006
We had the sumptuous international buffet dinner at Zest. For more privacy, our table was intentionally reserved at a secluded corner; that’s good because we talked and laughed too loudly, :).

2009.07.25 063
After filling ourselves, we wasted no time in identifying our classmates. I brought along my laptop and two school magazines to keep them busy.

2009.07.25 054
While one group was at the laptop, another browsed the school magazine.

2009.07.25 071
Before calling it a night, our group photo was taken. (L-R) Seated Ngu Kee Huat, Dr. Ngui Kong Kiat, Paul Ting and myself. (L-R) Back row Ng Thien Siew, Yap Keng, Michael Wong and Raphael Ong.

Here’s a short video clip on one of our conversations:

We can’t wait for the big reunion in Sibu at the end of the year!

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