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Towards the evening I discovered it was easier to shoot as the light became softer, :).

2009.04.18 jy 162a

2009.04.18 jy 132a

2009.04.18 jy 153a

2009.04.18 jy 141a

2009.04.18 jy 144a

2009.04.18 jy 152a

2009.04.18 jy 160a

2009.04.18 jy 139a

2009.04.18 jy 173a

Then dusk began to set in quickly. Over here we get to see dawn and dusk earlier than West Malaysia. Remember years ago there was a 30 minutes time difference between us and the West Malaysians, 🙂 ?

2009.04.18 jy 101a

This was the sunset at 6:15pm. Can you spot the luminous turquoise cup on the table glowing in the rays of the setting sun? 🙂

2009.04.18 jy 194a

At 6:25pm. As the rays dimmed, the luminous intensity of the cup also reduced proportionately. I’m glad I was able to capture the earlier shot. Right time, right place, :).

2009.04.18 jy 195a

I couldn’t resist taking this shot at 6:35pm as we called it a day. Isn’t the Miri sunset awesome? No wonder many people come to Taman Selera to relax, :).

2009.04.18 jy 209a

This concludes my last weekend’s photo shoot for Taman Selera. Many thanks to the lovely daughter of my friends Peter and Jennifer for posing in the photo shoot, :).


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Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a proper photo shoot with my new Canon EOS 50D camera at Taman Selera. It was around 4:45 pm when we arrived. Initially the day light was still a bit harsh but nevertheless we proceeded with the shooting.

Here are some of the photos taken. Enjoy, :).

2009.04.18 jy 038a

2009.04.18 jy 058a

2009.04.18 jy 067a

2009.04.18 jy 072a

2009.04.18 jy 074a

2009.04.18 jy 086a

2009.04.18 jy 095a

2009.04.18 jy 098a

2009.04.18 jy 110a

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