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WHAT a fabulous day to get married!

This morning I attended the church wedding of my friends Tiong Hoo and Hui Chu’s son Eric. The lovely bride Olivia is from Indonesia.

All the best to you Eric and Olivia! May God bless and keep you always!

Hope to see you again in Melbourne one day, cheers!






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Here are some more random pics I took during the wedding dinner of Kim Guan and Kelly in Brunei.

The grand evening was further spiced up by the presence of Singapore’s comedienne celebrities Michelle Tay (aka Yi Da Li – One Big Lump in Chinese), Henry Thia and Tay Yin Yin (of ‘Where Got Ghost?’ movie).

Everyone had a good time and was awed by Yin Yin as she demonstrated how flexible her body was despite her huge beautiful size, :p. Way to go, Yin Yin!

2009.12.08 027

2009.12.08 072

2009.12.08 077

2009.12.08 081

2009.12.08 082

2009.12.08 100

2009.12.08 160

2009.12.08 191

2009.12.08 166

2009.12.08 207

2009.12.08 216

2009.12.08 219

2009.12.08 234

2009.12.08 255

2009.12.08 275

2009.12.08 292

2009.12.08 310

2009.12.08 334

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I was in Bandar Seri Begawan last Tue to attend the wedding dinner of Kim Guan and Kelly. It was one meaningful event in my life as I have known the groom and his family for more than 20 years.

A toast to Kim Guan and his lovely wife as they begin their new journey as newlyweds!

Here are some of my fav snaps, enjoy, :p.

2009.12.08 153

2009.12.08 155

2009.12.08 097

2009.12.08 136

2009.12.08 171

2009.12.08 184

2009.12.08 260

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Here is the last installment of the wedding photos taken on last Sat.

I want to thank the friend who hired me to photograph the most important day in the lives of Peggy and Lucas.

Weddings are so wonderfully special; to enjoy the joyful fleeting moments which are priceless; and to be able to document them is a great priviledge.

Years from now as Peggy and Lucas recall their big day and view the photos – well, I can see the smile on their faces, :p.

2009.10.17b 033

2009.10.17b 085

2009.10.17b 245

2009.10.17b 273

2009.10.17b 461

2009.10.17b 576

2009.10.17b 604

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The traditional tea ceremony began at the bride’s home and subsequently it was also held at the groom’s.

2009.10.17a 339

2009.10.17a 352

2009.10.17a 387

2009.10.17a 403

2009.10.17a 455

2009.10.17a 461

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As in Chinese weddings, gate-crashing is an exciting wedding game arranged by the bride’s family and friends. The groom and his entourage arrived slightly late than scheduled. Would they get punished? :p

2009.10.17a 179
Look at the “guards” at the gate, don’t play, play.

2009.10.17a 183
What happens when you are in the “wrong”? Just “pay” with ang pow lah!

2009.10.17a 185
After the “deal”, the gate was opened to let the wedding car through. Wah, I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw what was written on the t-shirt! Did she wear it on purpose, haha?!

2009.10.17a 188
Welcome Mr. Groom!

2009.10.17a 192
The groom and his buddies. Feeling nervous?

2009.10.17a 197
Five men were required to stand in a row, passing a raw egg from one leg to the other going through the trousers! Quite tricky, :p.

2009.10.17a 201
No cheating, warned the “guards”.

2009.10.17a 214
“Can you identify your wife’s lips?” asked the “guards”. Haha! Not easy at all!

2009.10.17a 225
What happens when you have made a mistake? Pay again, of course!

2009.10.17a 221
Question time – how well do you know your wife? Hmm…

2009.10.17a 238
Punishment for answering wrongly was push-ups! (Tip: get someone to do it, haha!)

2009.10.17a 271
Groom was stopped outside the bridal room. He had to sign and read aloud the “I will do this, do that …” promissory note, haha! Awesome!

2009.10.17a 280
Meanwhile the bride waited impatiently inside the room.

2009.10.17a 282
At last he was allowed entry. Look at the smile on his face – the moment captured is priceless – I love this shot!

2009.10.17a 285
Here you are, my dear.

2009.10.17a 287
Shoes for you, my dear.

2009.10.17a 293
Unveiling to see his loved one.

2009.10.17a 307
Tong Sui (Chinese dessert) time.

2009.10.17a 310
My love, there’s only you in my life …

2009.10.17a 312
How sweet this couple is …

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Last Saturday I was hired to do a wedding photo shoot for my new friends Peggy and Lucas. The shoot was a gift from a friend to the bride and the bridegroom. What a blessing to have such a friend!

Here is the first part of the series, enjoy! :p

2009.10.17a 091

2009.10.17a 050

2009.10.17a 053b

2009.10.17a 659

2009.10.17a 106

2009.10.17a 107

2009.10.17a 116

2009.10.17a 132

2009.10.17a 137

2009.10.17a 145

2009.10.17a 124

2009.10.17a 125

2009.10.17a 157

2009.10.17a 170

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